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ATCA Artists' Works and Correspondence Files Collection
This ATCA collection brings together mail art, correspondence, photographs, slides, compact discs, show announcements/posters, writings, and other ephemera related to or by various artists.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

Centro de Arte y Communicacion (CAYC) (Center for Art and Communication) Buenos Aires
Committed to the production and dissemination of systems art, CAYC was established as a multidisciplinary workshop in August of 1968. A collection of large scale works (each about 22 x 34 inches) was assembled in 1972 by Jorge Glusberg, CAYC Director, as an edition of 10 that circulated as traveling exhibitions. Apparently including about 72 works in 1972, the collection grew over time and the Iowa collection now consists of 143 diazo prints and appears to be the only extant copy. The collection includes a linear foot of catalogues, documentation, books and pamphlets, dating from 1970 to1980 and a complete set of black and white photographs from which online images were derived.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

Buster Cleveland Papers
Correspondence and art work by mail artist Buster Cleveland.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

Conz-Friedman Collection 4 Fluxux Textile Multiples
Part of the Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art Collection at the University of Iowa, this collection consists of four Fluxus textile multiples.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

R. Keith Courtney Papers
Iowa City resident and artist. From the late 1970s to the late 1980s Courtney conducted a project titled Notes From All Over, which invited artists to send him found objects and printed matter. The collection consists of art works, correspondence, and related documentation dating from 1971-1995.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

Jonas Mekas Collection of Fluxus Films
Lithuanian-American avant garde film maker and critic. This collection is comprised of nearly one linear foot of Fluxus film loops.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

Dorothy Schramm papers
Human rights advocate from Burlington, Iowa who was active in local and international issues, particularly UNA-USA and the League of Women Voters.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives