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The University of Iowa Libraries

Guide to the cARTalog Collection

Collection Overview

Date Span: 2006
Extent: 20.00 linear feet.
Collection Number: MSC0859
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Summary: Artifacts from the exhibit mounted at the University of Iowa Libraries in 2006, in which volunteers contributed artwork created from cards from the defunct catalog of the library.

Access: This collection is open for research.

Use: Please read The University of Iowa Libraries' statement on Property Rights, Copyright Law, and Permissions to Use Unpublished Materials.


Preferred Citation: cARTalog Collection, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Address: Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: Greg Prickman

This collection contains materials relating to the University of Iowa Libraries' 2006 cARTalog exhibit. It is broken into two series. The first series contains the actual artifacts from the exhibit; the second contains supplementary materials, such as the administrative materials, correspondence, materials relating to the artists, correspondence, items having to do with the opening event, publicity and information regarding the web page associated with the project. There was also a mail art component and an elementary/high school component to the project. Material relating to these initiatives is included here as well. CDs and DVDs of the installations and the opening event are part of the collection.

Browse by Series:

  • Series 1: ARTIFACTS
  • Box 1:
  • Bremer, Celeste. [Chest of drawers]
  • Carls, Beth. Everything Old. 3D. Book-paint, stamp, collage. 6
  • Harroff, William. Alexandria. 3D. Wood book with altered cards. 250. Charlotte Johnson
  • Hettig, Beverly B. Reality: A Catalog of Recent Events. 3D book with digital print on cards. 24
  • Johnson, Charlotte. What's What. 3D. Collaged book
  • Johnson, Charlotte. Alexandria. 3D. Wood book with altered cards. 250. William Harroff
  • Northwest Ohio Altered Artists. Our Favorite Literature. 3D. Altered book. 20
  • Russum Scott, Marlene. Charta Catalogus. 2D. Altered cards and bone. 55
  • Sauls, Shirley. Brilliant Idea/Light Bulb. 3D. Mixed media: sewing, stamping, collage. 35 -40
  • Waight, Gwen. The Fool of Quality. 3D. Mixed media collage
  • Weigle, Anastasia S. Understanding Children. 3D. Sculpture/assemblage, collage. 1
  • Weigle, Anastasia S. What Doth the Lord Require of Thee? 3D. Sculpture/assemblage, collage. 1
  • White, Jessica. Girl in Winter.
  • Hibbert-Jones, Dee. The Who Series. 3D. Sculpture
  • Auburn University students
  • Box 2:
  • Field. Susan. Whale Pillow. 3D. Woven pillow with cards. 5
  • Orgren, Sally. Card Weaving. 3D. Woven tie. 1
  • Orgren, Sally. Cards Woven into Tie. 3D. Card weaving book
  • Rice, Sammie. Untitled. 3D. Paper crown
  • Box 3:
  • Cutler-Lake, Karina. I Scribbled and I Know Why: 1976-2006. 2D. Mixed media-painting with cards .1
  • Cutler-Lake, Karina. MLS to MFA. 2D. Mixed media-painting with cards. 2
  • Smith, David L. Nos. 12A, AP7A, 4A, 11A; brochure, bag of painted cards.
  • Stash, Jennifer. What Do You Say to a Hungry World? In Shadow. 2D. Painting. Valerie Johnson
  • Bouse, Amy. When the Light Is Out. 2D. Cards, pastel and thread. 8
  • David, Lucy. Sacred Songs. 3D. Coptic binding book. 40. 2 pieces
  • Jacobi, Kristin. Angleworms du Jour. 2D. Digital print and collage. 1
  • Knight, Susan. Zebra Mussel Explosion: Profound Change in US Water Systems. 3D. Altered card sculpture. 24
  • Nashelsky. Joan. Untitled. 2D. Collage. 12
  • Pape, Sky. The Thing Destroyed/The Thing Contained. 2D. Collage 14
  • Price, Gary H. Inline Catalog. 2D. Collage. 9
  • Price, Gary H. Gone to Bits. 2d. Deconstucted card with Hollerith punches
  • Torne, Gonzalo. Iraq Democratic Party. 2D. Collage-card and acrylic
  • Radical Militant Librarians ;
  • Box 4:
  • Possehl, Robert. Relationship Requiem. (Oversize sketch from center case)
  • Box 5:
  • Baker Muehl, Lois. Fruitful Learning. 2D Collaged flag: felt, fake gold, cards, paper, lace and patch. 13
  • Falconer, M.D. 50 Cards in Mini Dress
  • Sauls, Shirley. Card Up My Sleeve. 3D. Mixed media: sewing, stamping, collage. 35-40
  • Hansen, Susan. M.C. Jacket
  • Barker, Joyce. Corsage
  • Box 6:
  • Bohm, Benjamin. 17. Museum of Temporary Art
  • Canary-Lee, Beth. 2 Cards. 2D. Collage 1
  • Coralville Central Elementary
  • Dabrowski, Martin . 150 Flowers For 150 Years of the University of Iowa Libraries. 3D. Book- collaged cards. 40
  • Freeman,Jane. Flipped Out & Superannuated. 3D. Altered flip book. 30
  • Frips. Bird. 3D. Artist book
  • Frips. In My Garden. 3D. Artist book
  • Germain, Erin. Digital Emerson. 2D. Digital print. 1
  • Knipe, Anne E. Untitled. Watercolor. 2
  • Lavadour, Roberta. Strictly Private. 3D. Book. 6
  • McGehee, Claudia. Men, Women and Books. 2D. Scratchboard collage with tea stain. 1
  • Miller, Liz Lynn. Haiku Issue. 2D. Altered cards. 7
  • Taylor, Darrell. Laminated Collage Cards. 2D. Laminated collaged cards. 27
  • Williams, Michel. Shelter: Some Memories. 3D. Book. 6
  • Wood, Reid. Bab(b)el-On Iowa. 3D. Book. 22
  • Scanlin, Mim Galub. Quotes About Books
  • New Roads High School. Assorted Cards.
  • Box 7:
  • Coates, Louise. Girders. 3D. Pop up book. 6
  • Dianora, Mare. Message in a Bottle. 3D. Mixed media sculpture: card, bottle, map, cork. 1
  • Gunnip, Laura. All, Extraodinary, Scenic, Society. 3D. Book. 12
  • Marsh, Mary V. The Endless Story. 3D. Accordian book. 16
  • Mitchell, Kathy. Untitled. 3D. Resin and wood? sculpture with cards. 12
  • Wolfersberger, Nicole. Stencilled Playing Cards. 12
  • Box 8:
  • Falconer, M.D. Drawings - Rotterdam
  • Falconer, M.D. 4 Cards in Dancing Shoes
  • Falconer, M.D. L'Esprit D'Adventure
  • Falconer ,M.D. Sketchbook with Buttonhole Stitched Spine
  • Falconer, M.D. Sketchbook with Bound Edge Covers
  • Falconer, M.D. Story of Civilization
  • Box 9:
  • Stash, Jennifer. What Do You Want for $1.98? 2D. Text. Valerie Johnson
  • Stash, Jennifer. Patron. 2D. Text. Valerie Johnson
  • Galloway, Gregory. Set of 21 Collages. 2D. set of 21 collages. 30;
  • Smith, David L. "The Thin Lines Tilt Downwards. . .", "The Stores Are All Closed Up. . .", "The Parking Ramp of My Mind. . .", "Catch Me If You Can. . ."
  • Box 9:
  • Administrative
  • Artists
  • Box 10:
  • Correspondence
  • Inception of the program. Photos of people taking cards out of the catalog to be used in their projects. On paper and CD
  • K-12 component
  • Mail art component. Paper and CD
  • Mini video tape of exhibit, showing the opening event and a pan of the exhibit
  • Opening event: Gadney's movie
  • Opening event: Guest book
  • Opening event: Images. On paper and CD
  • Laughter, Liberty, Library. Play performed at opening event. (2 folders)
  • Images
  • Script
  • Program
  • Other related projects
  • Publicity (The logo stamp is in box 9)
  • Web page

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