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Myrtle Kitchell Aydelotte papers
Professor of nursing,1957-1976, dean of the College of Nursing, 1949-1957, and director of nursing for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics,1968-1976.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Evelyn Crary Bacon papers
Teacher, decorated veteran nurse and pioneer in the field of nursing education, Bacon served as a captain in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps during World War II and participated in the invasion of Normandy.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Barbara M. Calderon papers
Nursing administrator and first African-American public health nurse in Iowa.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Martha Eimen papers
Nurse who worked for the Public Health Service and the United Nations in Italy and the Middle East, 1945-1948.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Iowa League for Nursing records
The Iowa League for Nursing's efforts have included active participation in community planning and action for health care, advocating changes such as home health care. The organization made efforts to assure the continuing supply of nurses by providing them with the educational opportunities to reach their maximum career potential, ability to move into management and leadership positions, and promoting a greater public appreciation of nursing as a profession.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Iowa Nurses Association records
State branch of the national organization. The overall purpose of the association has been to promote and improve the professional skills and status of nurses.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Marjorie Elizabeth Lyford papers
Public health and visiting nurse who later taught at the University of Iowa College of Nursing.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives