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Albertson Family Papers
Correspondence reflecting pioneer life in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Montana.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

Neta Andrews papers

Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Joan Blundall papers
Social worker who developed support services for rural families during the 1980s farm crisis in Iowa.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Edward J. Breen Papers
Iowa state legislator, attorney, and broadcasting station executive. Senate bills, correspondence, speeches, and subject files ranging from the Democratic Party to the Townsend National Recovery Plan document his career in Iowa 's state senate.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

Jane Burleson papers
Teacher's aide, packinghouse worker, and union activist, Burleson was the first woman and first African American elected to the Fort Dodge City Council.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Kim Landhuis papers
Native of Vietnam who became a teacher, school board member, and 1994 candidate for the Iowa senate.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Phoebe Kellum Mericle obituary
Early settler in Webster County, Iowa.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Donald J. Mitchell Papers
Lawyer and Democratic National Committeeman from Iowa. Primarily correspondence and subject files relating to his political work for the Democratic Party.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections

Floyd A. Nagler Papers
University of Iowa professor of hydraulic engineering, 1920-1933.
Repository: University of Iowa Archives

Cora Belle Pollock papers
Elementary school teacher from Rolfe, Iowa who later worked as a lab technician in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Carrie V. Talcott papers
Active clubwoman, Methodist, writer and farmer from Fayette County who spent 19 years in a retirement home in Fort Dodge.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Ewald George Trost Papers
Member of the Iowa State Conservation Commission. Subject folders and scrapbooks relating to conservation issues and the American Legion.
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections