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Patricia Geadelmann papers
Feminist and physical educator who was a strong proponent of the ERA and Title IX.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Marie Giddings papers
Detailed account of farm and rural community life as Marie Giddings knew it growing up in Kossuth County during the early 20th century.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Governor Ray's Commission on the Status of Women (Iowa) records
The Commission addressed issues such as the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), abortion reform, daycare, equal pay for equal work, and sex discrimination in employment, insurance, and education. At the end of 1970, the GCSW reported two major legislative accomplishments: the passage of no-fault divorce laws and the addition of sex to the Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Linda Kinney Neuman papers
Served for over twenty years in the Iowa judiciary and was the first woman to be appointed to the Iowa Supreme Court.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Jane Alison Weiss papers
Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Iowa, 1978-1981.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Women's Equity Action League (Iowa Division) records
Organization that promoted economic equity for women by focusing on educational, legal, and tax issues affecting women.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives

Linda Yanney papers
Iowa City feminist and champion of LGBT rights.
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives