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Guide to the John Thomas McClintock Papers

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1851-1949
Creator: McClintock, John Thomas (1873-1955)
Extent: .50 linear feet.
Collection Number: RG99.0280
Repository: University of Iowa Archives
Summary: Head of Psysiology Department from 1904 to 1944. Established the Museum of Medical History. Correspondence and biographical sketches relating to the College of Medicine.

Alternate Extent Statement: Photographs: Box 1

Access: This collection is open for research.

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Acquisition: These materials were transferred to the University Archives prior to 1970. Finding aid created in September 2009.

Preferred Citation: John Thomas McClintock Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Archives
Address: 100 Main Library
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: David McCartney

John Thomas McClintock was born on June 7, 1873, in Burlington, Iowa. He received his A.B. degree from Parsons College in 1894 and his M.D. in 1898 from the State University of Iowa. Parsons College awarded him the honorary D.Sc. degree in 1925.

Dr. McClintock served as demonstrator in Pathology and Bacteriology, as well as in Anatomy, at the SUI Department of Medicine (later the College of Medicine) from 1897 to 1901. He was on leave during 1901 to 1902 in order to study at the University of Vienna and the University of Berlin, followed by the University of Leipzig.

Upon his return to SUI, McClintock served as assistant professor of Physiology. He was named full professor in 1903. During 1910 to 1911, he was acting vice-dean of the College of Medicine, and was junior-dean from 1913 to 1933. Henry Spencer Houghton resigned as dean of the College of Medicine in 1933 and the college did not appoint a replacement for two years. During this time, McClintock served as chair of the Interim Administrative Committee, which carried out the duties of dean. McClintock served as acting head of the Physiology Department in 1902, until he was named head in 1904, a position he held until July 1, 1944, when he was succeeded as head of physiology by Dr. Harry M. Hines. McClintock continued to work part-time as professor of Physiology and as Director of the Physiology-Pharmacology Shop until 1953.

McClintock's service spanned the terms of nine SUI presidents, from Charles A. Schaeffer through Virgil M. Hancher. During his career, McClintock established the Museum of Medical History in the Department of Medicine. That museum is currently located in the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. McClintock served as chair of the Council of the Association of American Medical Colleges. He was also chair of the planning committee for a 75th anniversary celebration of the College of Medicine, held in 1945.

McClintock married Beulah George on June 20, 1900, and they had two sons, John Calvin and James Phillips. John T. McClintock died on September 24, 1955.

The John Thomas McClintock papers consist of materials that document the history of the College of Medicine, as collected by Dr. McClintock. The material includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, College of Medicine 75th anniversary celebration material, historical papers, faculty and staff biographical sketches, notes of commencement speakers, and state medical regulations. Materials are arranged chronologically or alphabetically by faculty name or subject.

Many of the historical sketches were written by McClintock. Some historical papers are filed with related correspondence. Newspaper clippings address the 1927 resignation of Dr. Lee Wallace Dean, dean of the College of Medicine, and its effect on the medical faculty appointment process, as well as faculty duties. McClintock made hand-written transcripts of some newspaper articles, which are housed in the newspapers series. A list of lantern slides of medical faculty and buildings is housed in this collection and corresponds with a portion of the lantern slides housed in the Slide and Transparency Collections, RG 30.02.02.
Folder, "McClintock, John Thomas," Faculty and Staff Vertical Files collection (RG01.0015.003)

Folder, "Dean, Lee Wallace," Faculty and Staff Vertical Files collection (RG01.0015.003)

Folder, "Physiology," Subject Vertical File (RG01.0015.005)

Records of the College of Medicine (RG15.0001.001)

Papers of William D. Middleton (RG99.0282)

McClintock, John T. "The College of Medicine, 1870-1945." Medical Bulletin (University of Iowa. Publications, n.s. 1369), pp. 2-7, illus. July 1, 1945. University Archives, in Historical Papers Collection (RG01.0001.003).

McClintock, J.T. "The College of Medicine Seventy-Five Years Ago." Medical Bulletin (University of Iowa. Publications, n.s. 1352), pp. 4-6, illus. February 3, 1945. University Archives, in Historical Papers Collection (RG01.0001.003).

McClintock, John T. "Comments on the Founding and Development of the College of Medicine." History of Medicine in Iowa. Iowa State Medical Society Journal 36 (April 1946): 174-177. 1870-1928. Hardin Library; State Historical Society of Iowa.

McClintock, John T. Historical Sketches Regarding the College of Medicine: State University of Iowa at Iowa City. N.p., 1933. 31 pp., illus. Reprint of his "Historical Statistics...." Hardin Library; University Archives R747 I8 M32 cop.2.

McClintock, John T. "Historical Statistics Regarding the College of Medicine, State University of Iowa at Iowa City." Iowa State Medical Society Journal 23 (February 1933): 103-106, (March 1933): 174-179, illus. Also as his Historical Sketches.... Founding, 1868-1871. Hardin Library; State Historical Society of Iowa.

McClintock, John T. "Medical Education in Iowa." In One Hundred Years of Iowa Medicine, by the Iowa Medical Society, pp. 224-309. Iowa City: Athens Press, 1950. Hardin Library; University Archives R221 .I6 cop.6.

McClintock, John T. "Washington Freeman Peck." Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 1947. 42 pp., illus. Main Library; Iowa Authors; University Archives LD2565 .I5 v.2 cop.2 in Centennial Memoirs.

McClintock, John Thomas. Washington Freeman Peck, M.D., 1841-1891. Iowa City, 1946. 37 pp., illus., notes, bibliography. Hardin Library.

Browse by Series:
Series 5: MINUTES

  • Box 1:
  • Medical faculty and staff biographical sketches
  • Albert, Henry.  Professor and head of Pathology and Bacteriology; director of State Board of Health Laboratories from 1901-1921.
  • Boucher, James H.  Professor of Anatomy.
  • Bradley, Deninick.  Janitor for Professor Boucher.
  • Cochran, M. B. Physician and surgeon.
  • Dillon, John H.  Professor of Surgery, and Medical Jurisprudence during 1869.
  • Farnsworth, P. J. Professor of Materia Medica, and Diseases of Children from 1870 to 1892.
  • Hinrichs, Gustavus. Professor of Physical Science, Chemistry, and Director of the Laboratory from 1869 to 1885.
  • Middleton, William D. Professor of Physiology, Microscopic Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, and dean from 1869 to 1902.
  • Robertson, William S. Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, and Clinical Medicine from 1870 to 1887.
  • Rockwood, Elbert William. Includes photograph of bronze bust.  Professor and head of Chemistry and Toxicology; director of SUI Medical Department from 1888 to 1935.
  • Scofield, D. Transcription of his address, which appeared in Transactions, vol. VI, p.9.
  • Shrader, John Clinton. Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, and dean from 1870 to 1906. - 1907
  • Peck, Washington Freeman. Dean and professor of Surgery from 1869 to 1891.
  • Box 1:
  • Notes
  • Admission to the Medical Department
  • Amphitheater for medical students, 1886-1898
  • Board of Trustees and Board of Regents members - 1868-1870
  • Dissecting material
    3 items
  • Establishment dates for various state medical schools
  • Medical journals published in Iowa during 1800s
  • Mercy Hospital establishment
  • Pharmacology Department history
  • Re-organization of the college, by Gustavus Hinrichs
  • "Early X-ray history," by C. A. Boice - 1949
  • SUI medical history in Iowa Medical Journal
  • Hinrichs; Keokuk Medical College - 1905
  • Article by D. S. Fairchild - 1913
  • Article by William D. Middleton - 1913
  • Article by D. S. Fairchild - 1919
  • Handwritten notes made from Clarence Ray Aurner's History of Education in Iowa.
  • An account of the College of Medicine in 1887 - 1912
  • Medical Laboratories building features; College of Medicine history - 1954
  • "Historical Sketches of the College of Medicine: The Period of Organization," by John T. McClintock, March - 1932
  • "Children's Hospital, State University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa," by Robert  E. Neff, n.d.
  • Published historical papers
  • Fee Bill of the Iowa Union Medical Society, July - 1900
  • Rules and Regulations for the Government of the University Hospital.  Pamphlet. n.d.
  • A Journey Through the State University of Iowa Hospitals, February - 1935
  • "Dr. John T. McClintock Retires." The Medical Bulletin, July - 1944
  • "The College of Medicine Seventy-Five Years Ago." The Medical Bulletin, February - 1945
  • "Items Concerning Our Alumni All Over the World." The Medical Bulletin, August - 1945
  • "College of Medicine New Regulations." Bulletin of the State University of Iowa, May 11 - 1929
  • "Schedule of Elective Courses." Bulletin of the State University of Iowa - 1931-1932
  • "Diseases of the Heart and Lungs, General Surgery." University of Iowa Extension Bulletin, July, June - 1930, 1931
  • "Medical Education." Flexner report. AAAS Bulletin, November - 1944
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Speeches presented to the Iowa State Medical Society, February 5 - 1868
  • Speeches presented at medical commencement exercises - 1876
  • Speeches presented at senior dinners - 1941, 1942
  • Box 1:
  • Faculty and alumni - 1869-1945
  • Resignation of Dr. Lee Wallace Dean, dean of the College of Medicine - 1927
  • Box 1:
  • Barrett, Edward Cecil - 1909
  • Bierring, Walter Lawrence - 1901-1938
  • Boice, C. A. - 1949
  • Boyd, W. R. - 1910
  • Dean, Lee Wallace - 1918
  • Dorcas, Herbert Clifford - 1915, 1918
  • Haddock, William J. - 1899
  • Hickerson, Loren - 1948
  • Hull, Morris. WPA of Iowa - 1940
  • Lindly, John M. - 1948
  • Littig, Lawrence W. - 1902
  • Long, F. A. - 1933
  • Macbride, Thomas H. - 1933
  • McNeel, J. O. - 1938
  • Middleton, William D. - 1901
  • Neff, Robert E. - 1945
  • Pollard, H. M. - 1938
  • Ransom, John E. - 1938
  • Rockwood, Elbert W. - 1899
  • Roper, Kenneth L. - 1949
  • Scanlon, George H. - 1944
  • Throckmorton, Jeannette - 1941
  • Series 5: MINUTES
  • Box 1:
  • College of Medicine faculty Meeting, May 11 - 1949
  • Series 6: COMMITTEES
  • Box 1:
  • University Senate resolution announcing the death of Dr. John Walter Harriman in January - 1904
  • Series 7: REGULATIONS
  • Box 1:
  • Board of Regents - 1876; 1887; 1902-1904; 1915-1916; 1946
  • Resolutions of the State Medical Society, January - 1870
  • Rules and Regulations of the Iowa State Board of Medical Examiners - 1910, 1911
  • Law Relating to the Medical and Surgical treatment of Indigent Persons. The State University of Iowa University Hospitals, February - 1934
  • Iowa law to provide for SUI Medical Department, January 28 - 1851, 1870
  • College of Medicine requirements for students - 1914-1923
  • College of Medicine library loan guidelines, n.d.
  • Box 1:
  • College of Medicine 75th anniversary, September 27-28 - 1945
  • Medical class reunion - 1949
  • Box 1:
  • "The Old Oaken Bucket." Poem by Samuel Woodworth, n.d.
  • Lantern slides list
  • Confirmation of McClintock's payment for the second offering of the normal histological class [University of Vienna?],G99 July 13 - 1901
  • Brief notes about various doctors and the founding of Iowa City

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