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Guide to the Ted Rehder Papers

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1855-1991
Creator: Rehder, Ted (1908-1991)
Extent: 37.00 linear feet.
Collection Number: RG99.0014
Repository: University of Iowa Archives
Summary: First director of Dormitories and Dining Services, with related records, as well as family history in the German town of Lincoln, Iowa. Correspondence, photographs, ephemera.

Alternate Extent Statement: Photographs: Box 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 15, 24, 28, 30, 40, 42; Oversize Boxes 1, 3

Access: This collection is open for research.

Use: Copyright restrictions may apply; please consult Special Collections staff for further information.

Acquisition: These papers were donated to University Archives by Ted's son, Robert M. Rehder, in 1991.

Preferred Citation: Ted Rehder Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Archives
Address: 100 Main Library
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: David McCartney

Theodore Marten Rehder was born January 27, 1908, in Lincoln, Iowa. His parents were Theodore Peter Rehder (1873-1956) and Martha May (Martens) Rehder (1876-1946). In 1870, the Rehder family became established in Tama County, Iowa, in the small town of Berlin, which boasted a large German-immigrant population. Theodore P. Rehder was a cashier at the German Savings Bank (later named Lincoln Savings Bank) when it opened on September 4, 1902 and his father served on the first board of directors. T. P. Rehder also worked in real estate, farm loans, and insurance, as well as service to the town's administration. Berlin was renamed Lincoln after the outbreak of World War I. Theodore M. Rehder graduated from West Waterloo High School in 1926, where he served as president of Dramatic Club. As a senior, he helped his school place first in the Northeastern Iowa Declamatory (rhetoric) contest, with his contribution of "A Simple Case of the Grip," in the humor category.

For several years during the mid-1920s, Rehder sought summer work in Colorado. Like his father, Rehder enjoyed camping and fishing in the American Southwest. His interest was sufficient while attending West Waterloo High School that he collected information on forestry course requirements at Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, in Ames, Iowa.

Rehder moved to Iowa City to attend the State University of Iowa, and initially took a job at Smith's Cafe, located at 11 South Dubuque Street. In October 1926, Rehder worked part time in the Iowa Memorial Union Dining Services. In December 1927, Rehder worked as desk clerk in the Iowa Union for director Rufus H. Fitzgerald, who also asked him to create a tour of the University. Rehder wrote to his parents that this work for Fitzgerald was "the first time that I have gotten paid for just thinking and planning." During the summer in 1928, Rehder sold Procter & Gamble soap door-to-door in St. Louis, Missouri, while living at the YMCA.

On May 25, 1929, Rehder was named assistant manager of the Union Dining Services, working full time in that capacity. On August 29, 1929, Rehder was named manager of the new Student Employment Bureau in the Iowa Union, and on November first he was named manager of the Iowa Memorial Union Dining Services. Rehder lived in the Quadrangle Residence Hall during his junior year in 1929 and was named in The Quadrangler as one of three outstanding men for serving as president of Student Council and president on the YMCA advisory board, as well as proctor of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and as officer of the Union Board. His position as Union Board advisor continued for a number of years. In July 1933, in addition to managing the IMU Dining Services, he was named assistant director of the Iowa Memorial Union. During 1935, Rehder was advisor of the Homecoming Party, advisor to the Union Board, president of YMCA, president of Student Council, served on the Quadrangle Party Committee and council, and was a member of Chi Phi Pi honorary commerce society. Rehder was involved in so many activities and worked so many hours as a student, he was cautioned in 1929 by Robert E. Rienow, dean of men, to reduce his work and activities in favor of maintaining his grades. Rehder received a B.S. degree in Commerce, with major in business administration, in 1935.

In November 1936, an alcohol-free nightclub, the Silver Shadow, was established in the cafeteria in the lower level of the IMU, at the suggestion of Jess Gorkin, staff of the Daily Iowan student newspaper. On Friday and Saturday nights, entertainment by students in the form of bands, vocalists, dancers, and plays was arranged by Ted Rehder for wholesome student entertainment, while generating a profit of $3,000 per year from one dozen events. Rehder also operated a profitable catering service through Dining Services.

During World War II, Rehder was additionally responsible for feeding 2,300 cadets and officers in the U. S. Navy Pre-flight Training School. The IMU hosted dances as entertainment for the cadets. Rehder was named the first director of Dormitories and Dining Services on July 1, 1946.

During the Vietnam War, Rehder issued a statement urging dormitory residents not to join the student protests at the dormitories on May 12, 1971.

Among his public speaking engagements, Rehder presented at the Food Service Institute, held in Chicago in 1956. He published articles in school and cafeteria magazines, as well as the Journal of American Dietetics and in College and University Business; he served on the editorial board of the latter. He was active in the Association of Big Ten Dormitory and Dining Services Directors, and the National Restaurant Association of Colleges and Universities. Rehder organized the first committee for the National College and University Housing Association. The Iowa City Rotary Club named him a Paul Harris Fellow in June 1986 in appreciation of his support. He served as president of that organization from 1945 to 1946. Rehder was also a member of the Masonic Order. His hobbies relating to his position included collecting cook books and restaurant menus. Mr. and Mrs. Rehder enjoyed holding dinner parties for guests in their home at 1181 Hotz Avenue, as well as their membership in Bridge Club.

Rehder retired in 1976, after serving 47 years with the IMU Dining Services, under five University presidents. In recognition of his service, the students of the Associated Residence Halls dedicated the Theodore M. Rehder Lounge in Quadrangle Residence Hall on October 24, 1981.

Rehder married Alyce Marguerite ("Marge") McConkie, of Nevada, Iowa, on August 16, 1930. Marge's mother was Alyce J. (Haley) Rehder of Dunlap, Iowa. Marge's father, Ernest Lyndon McConkie, was a 1903 graduate of Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. He sold insurance and real estate, as well as made loans to farmers. In later years, Alyce and Ernest operated the McConkie variety store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ted and Marge had two sons, Robert McConkie, or middle name "Martens," as appeared on his birth certificate, (1935-2009) and Richard Stuart (1939-2005). Robert and Richard attended University High School on the SUI campus. Marguerite Rehder resided in Currier Hall while she attended classes, and she graduated with distinction in June 1929 with a B. A. degree in Education. She also completed one academic year in the Graduate College during 1930 to 1931. She was president of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and served on the Gamma Phi Beta board during the 1930s. Marge was known as "Conkie" to her sorority sisters. She also served on the committee for the Junior Prom, Hesperia Literary Society, PEO, Apprentice Players, Debate Squad, and YMCA cabinet. In 1928 she was elected to serve on Mortar Board, as well as being named a student Representative of Men and Women of Iowa based on her demonstration of leadership. During 1960 to 1961, she served as president on the board of the Iowa City Public Library. Marge was born in May 1907 and died in November 1974. Theodore M. Rehder died February 24, 1991. Mr. and Mrs. Rehder were members of the First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, Iowa.

These papers consist of the professional correspondence, reports, and articles of Ted M. Rehder, director of Dormitories and Dining Services. They reflect the vast changes that took place within that department between 1929 and 1976, including experiences during times of war and the Great Depression.

The papers also include the Rehder family genealogy and business records. The correspondence is informative about life in Lincoln, Iowa, (formerly Berlin) during the early twentieth century, and includes postcards from relatives living in Germany around the time of World War I. The box list of this guide refers to Ted as TMR in order to distinguish him from his father, Theodore P. Rehder (TPR).

Correspondence of Ted's wife, Marguerite ("Marge") Rehder, to her parents is informative of her SUI student experiences from 1926 to 1929. Marge's mother was Alyce J. (Haley) McConkie and her father was Ernest Lyndon McConkie, of Mechanicsville, Iowa. In addition, Marge's correspondence while she taught freshman English and Dramatics in Manchester, Iowa, from 1929 to 1930, reveals her experiences in that position.

This collection is enriched further by Ted and Marge's correspondence to one another during the time they were SUI students, primarily the late 1920s. Ted's correspondence also describes his job searches during the late-1920s, which included ranch work in Colorado, selling Procter & Gamble soap in St. Louis, Missouri, and working at the Iowa Memorial Union in Iowa City, Iowa.

Photographs include family members, friends, and travel in Colorado, as well as Ted's retirement party in 1976. Two education series include SUI ephemera collected by Ted and Marge from the mid-1920s through the mid-1930. Minutes, reports, and correspondence records are included for organizations in which Ted or Marge were members, such as Rotary Club and the YMCA and PEO. The Web site for the Philanthropic and Educational Organization for women (PEO International) states the organization "was founded January 21, 1869, by seven students at Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. It began as a small campus friendship society and grew to include women off campus. The organization promotes educational opportunities for women. Marge's mother, Alyce J. (Haley) McConkie, was a charter member of the JI Chapter of the PEO.

Pauline Louise ("Polly") Rehder, sister of Theodore M. Rehder, was an SUI student and member of the Home Economics Club from 1932 to 1933. She received the B.S. degree in Home Economics in February 1936. Polly may be the source of the 1942 Home Economics cooking pamphlet housed in this collection. She later taught ninth grade students in Kansas City, Kansas, and also taught students in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The correspondence of the Rehder's eldest son, Robert M. Rehder, includes his years of living in Switzerland and in Tehran, Iran.
Folder, "Rehder, Theodore Martin," Faculty and Staff Vertical Files collection (RG01.0015.003)

Folder, "Iowa Memorial Union," Buildings and Grounds Vertical Files collection (RG01.0015.002)

Records of the Iowa Memorial Union (RG24.0004.001)

Papers of Rufus H. Fitzgerald (RG99.0315)

Records of University Housing (RG26.0004.001)

Baker, Tom. "More than a Place to Eat and Sleep: A History of Residence Halls at the University of Iowa." Undergraduate honors thesis, University of Iowa, 1982. 202 pp. Archives LD2569.8 .B34 1982.

Haselmayer, Louis A. The PEO Sisterhood at Iowa Wesleyan College. Mount Pleasant, Iowa: Iowa Wesleyan College, 1967. 23 pp.

Musselman, Gearhart. "A History of the Iowa Memorial Union." M.A. thesis, University of Iowa, 1969. 223 pp.

Browse by Series:

  • Series 1: GENEALOGY OF TMR
  • Box 1:
  • Photographs - 1910-1959
    TMR (1936); family reunion (1946); family vacation to Mesa Verde, Colorado (1947); photo postcards by Marx Rehder
  • Land deeds - 1901-1937
    Tama, Grundy counties in Iowa and Texas, Missouri; Iowa City land grant, War of 1812, signed by President Franklin Pierce
  • Oklahoma land - 1918-1947
    Sale of Rehder's Oklahoma land to Invincible Oil Company; Township map of Kay County, Oklahoma
  • Insurance - 1910-1960
    McConkie and Rehder families
  • Postcards - 1900-1920, 1954
  • Postage stamp collection of TPR - 1915
    Worlds Pana-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco
  • Clippings - 1930-1956
    Estate auction announcement; weddings; Iowa State Fair Art Salon Award to Lincoln, Iowa, resident (1942)
  • Books - 1895-1909
    German Bibles; German song book (1904); The House of Seven Gables (1895)
  • Martens family - 1913, 1946
  • Legal documents - 1870-1946
    Legal wills of Rehders, Hass, Bern; suit, German Savings Bank vs. D. E. Baker (1914)
  • TPR clerk records - 1928-1951
    TPR certificates as township clerk
  • Theodore P. Rehder - 1904-1956
    2 folders. Memorabilia from Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis (1904); membership and political cards; cardboard wheel marked with radio station dial numbers for Falstaff Barrel of Fun, KRLD, Dallas, Texas; Daughters of the American Revolution flag code (1924); World War I veteran, Elwin W. Law, insurance calendar (1927); TPR obituary; key fob with name of TPR, Lincoln Iowa, and American flag; TPR biographical note
  • Maple Hill Cemetery, Tama County, Iowa - 1915
  • Lincoln, Iowa - 1909-1927
    Box of vintage door keys used in Lincoln, Iowa; cattle auction catalog, C. J. C. Cold farm (1913); blueprint of Pershing Park (1920)
  • Lincoln Savings Bank - 1907-1955
    Booklet commemorating bank's 50th anniversary (1952); correspondence and clipping from Carl G. Blochwitz (Dairyman's State Bank) with recollections of Depression-era banking
  • Miscellany - 1944-1949
    TMR's hand-drawn map of St. Louis (1946)
  • World War II - 1943-1945
    Fuel Oil Ration Coupons (1943-1945); pamphlet #2031, Insignia of the Army, Navy & Marine Corps
  • Personal correspondence - 1909-1954
    Ahrens; Bern; Guthrie; Hansen; Martens; Martins; McConkie; Moeller; Niemann; friend, Norman; TMR to TPR (1925-1930); Riskertsen; Schoenfeld; Stermon; Voss; Wagner; Wrage; Young; eulogy in the German language for Florence Anna Rehder, age 6 (1910)
  • Family business correspondence - 1914-1977
    Jurgen H. Rehder, Hawarden, Iowa (1914); Ernestina (Rehder) Voss, Perry, Oklahoma (1915)
  • Business correspondence - 1913-1953
    Mortuary stone ordered from Carrara, Italy (1913); TPR to War Price & Ration Board requesting home fuel oil (1945)
  • Box 2:
  • Family business of TPR - 1914-1966
    Family estates and divorce papers; Oklahoma land (1921-1966); office forms; membership cards
  • Personal correspondence of family - 1896-1966
    Diary of TPR's trip to Yellowstone National Park (1896); TMR to TPR; Pauline; Pauly Rehder-Wetzel, Switzerland
  • Photographs from TPR friends - 1951-1954
  • Newspaper clippings of TMR - 1908-1970
    TMR birth announcement; family history (1930); Pauline teaching in Kansas City; deaths of Ted's parents
  • Genealogy and various family matters of TMR - 1936-1991
    Death of TMR; political correspondence; TMR passports; Pauline's commencement program (1936); high school reunion correspondence
  • Series 2: EDUCATION OF TMR
  • Box 3:
  • Grade school - 1915-1921
    Correspondence from Ted's teacher, Beatrice Pusteoska; prize ribbons
  • Junior high school - 1921-1922
    History course work, grade reports, graduation program, diploma
  • West Waterloo High School - 1922-1926
    Boy Scouts; Order of DeMolay; programs; course papers and grades; declamatory contests; theatre programs; West Waterloo high School newspapers, letter "W" cheers and football team portrait; TMR as trail guide in Colorado
  • Box 4:
  • SUI course work - 1926-1930
    History, English, Speech, Fundamentals of Business Organization, Accounting. Two papers, "The Jazz Twenties," "The Philosophy of the Race Problem"
  • Box 5:
  • SUI student days - 1926-1935
    Dance invitations, including Filipino Club; Quadrangle Residence Hall; YMCA; game programs; theatre programs; University ephemera; student loan records
  • Correspondence - 1926-1937
    Train schedules; Des Moines writer to TMR soliciting methods for test cribbing; correspondence courses; from Robert Rienow and F. Ensign; job searches, including Proctor & Gamble in St. Louis; military academy exam results; Rufus H. Fitzgerald; congratulations on IMU position; note and humor magazine from Boulder, Colorado
  • Clippings - 1927-1935
    Poet Badger Clark spoke at Youde's Inn, Iowa City restaurant (1926); SUI history; TMR appointments; advertisement for a flight from St. Louis to Chicago (1928)
  • Booklets - 1927-1936
    Iowa Memorial Union newsletters; Iowa State College service bulletin; UI Freshman Handbook; humor magazines; Old Capitol
  • Box 6:
  • Correspondence - 1922-1927
    To TMR while living in Lyons, Colorado
  • Box 7:
  • Correspondence - 1914-1928
    Family and Waterloo High School classmate photographs; art by TMR; hospital recovery; booklets from trips to western U. S.; Yellowstone National Park regulations booklet (1895)
  • Box 8:
  • Correspondence - 1926-1929
    While living in Quadrangle Dormitory and Des Moines YMCA
  • Box 9:
  • Correspondence - 1927-1929
  • Box 10:
  • Correspondence - 1925-1927
    Includes photograph
  • Box 11:
  • Correspondence - 1925-1929
    Includes photograph
  • Box 12:
  • Correspondence - 1929-1931
  • Box 13:
  • Postcards - 1901-1943
    Political postcards; Christmas card (1907); postcards (1908-1917)
  • Box 14:
  • High school and college reading materials - 1917-1930
  • Box 15:
  • Staff, Dormitories and Dining Services - 1938-1979
    Student employees (1938-1944); Photograph of staff (1946); staff salaries (1962-1975); staff retirement and obituary
  • Professional Activities - 1929-1983
    The Student Employment Service (August 1929); articles, newsletters, reports; TMR's assessment of Dining Services organization (1937); job searches (1945-1959); articles written by TMR (1957); TIAA benefits (1958, 1964, 1965); Memo from TMR to dormitory residents about student protests (May 1971)
  • Service - 1932-1981
    Committees; Union Board; Explorer's Club; Triangle Club; Phi Gamma Delta alumni "Pig Dinner" invitation quotes from Lucile
  • Awards - 1956-1961
    Awards, photographs
  • IMU during World War II - 1942-1945
    Quad-Crest "Breezy Brawl" dance card (1942); correspondence of TMR's Navy Pre-flight responsibilities; TMR's Selective Service classifications; newsletter and explanation; automobile mileage ration
  • Correspondence, Dining Services - 1926-1979
    Includes Rehder's retirement (1975); invitations
  • Biographical - 1948-1987
    Copy of thesis, "More than a place to eat and sleep," by Tom Baker (1982)
  • Photographs - 1946
    Exterior entrance to Iowa Memorial Union; Homecoming participants
  • Retirement - 1976-1977
    Written account, photographs
  • Theodore M. Rehder Lounge dedication - 1981
    Correspondence; clippings; guest book; photograph album
  • Box 16:
  • Professional correspondence - 1957-1965
  • Box 17:
  • Professional correspondence - 1961-1969
  • Box 18:
  • Directory - 1974-1975
  • Awards - 1956-1962
  • Housing building statistics - 1963-1972
  • Staff names - 1949-1960
  • Staff training materials - 1959-1962
  • Contracts and training - 1939-1945
  • Housing operations policies for Big Ten - 1972, 1976
  • Housing manual - 1957
  • Housing survey - 1975-1976
  • Housing buildings proposed - 1962-1972
  • Housing handbook - 1962
  • Box 19:
  • Menus
    Includes Iowa Union with Grant Wood illustrations intended for printed menus
  • Box 20:
  • Menus
    Includes Dormitories, Hillcrest Coffee Shop, Currier Soda Shop
  • Box 21:
  • Recipes - 1931-1948
    Radio Household Institute broadcasts (1931-1932); University of Wisconsin Home Economics
  • Cooking pamphlets - 1934-1942
    Recipe pamphlet, Reduced Sugar Rations: Recipes for Products Sold by Home Economics Club, State University of Iowa, March 14, 1942, proceeds for Phoenix Fund
  • Series 5: ROTARY CLUB
  • Box 22:
  • Membership lists, correspondence - 1939-1973
  • Box 23:
  • Newsletters, correspondence, loans, Boy Scouts - 1923-1986
  • Box 24:
  • Land deeds - 1857-1921
    Cedar, Johnson, Story counties
  • Photographs - 1907-1908
    College for unknown McConkie family member; E. L. McConkie wearing Shriner uniform; trip to Colorado; Marge as an infant
  • Clippings - 1900-1970
    J. W. McConkie (Marge's grandfather) dealer of coal during shortage in Nevada, Iowa (1912); obituaries, including Alyce J. (Haley) McConkie; clipping of E. L. McConkie address (1900)
  • Correspondence - 1907-1971
    Includes biographical material and obituary of Ernest L. McConkie (1960)
  • Miscellany - 1907-1971
    E. L. McConkie estate; McConkie family tree; play program; Cornell College alumni memorial program; Alyce McConkie memorial cards; PEO correspondence, yearbooks; land and livestock sale by J. W. McConkie, Stanwood, Iowa (1907)
  • Box 25:
  • Conservatorship - 1946-1975
    Alyce J. (Haley) McConkie estate
  • Box 26:
  • Estate of Alyce J. McConkie - 1964-1971
  • Box 27:
  • Estate of Alyce J. McConkie, correspondence - 1960-1961
  • Box 28:
  • Grade school and junior high school - 1920-1924
    Marge's Nevada High School photo scrapbook (1922-1925); high school ephemera
  • Box 29:
  • Nevada High School - 1924-1925
    Declamatory contest; names of classmates; courses; scholarship award
  • SUI days - 1926-1934
    Theatre programs; commencement program (1929); University of Iowa ephemera
  • Employment of Marge Rehder - 1929-1933
    Iowa State Teacher's Association membership card; teaching in Manchester Public Schools; faculty adviser of Gamma Phi Beta; YMCA handbook (1929); honors
  • Box 30:
  • Correspondence - 1925-1943
    SUI college days, includes photographs
  • Box 31:
  • Correspondence - 1920-1929
    Living in Currier Hall
  • Box 32:
  • Correspondence - 1924-1930
    Living in Currier Hall and Nevada, Iowa (1927), and Omaha, Nebraska (1928); working at Manchester High School (1929-1930); Ted's correspondence (June 3, 1928-August 1, 1930)
  • Box 33:
  • Correspondence - 1922-1930
    Living in Currier Hall, Nevada, Manchester
  • Box 34:
  • Contacts and addresses - 1970-1991
  • Notebooks - 1929-1989
  • Entertaining engagements journal - 1939-1965
  • Finances - 1937-1969
  • Investments, insurance, bank statements - 1928-1932, 1963
    Includes Liberty Montana Mines Company
  • Box 35:
  • Manville Heights abstract, title opinion - 1939
  • Box 36:
  • Bank statements
  • Box 37:
  • Bank statements
  • Income taxes
  • Insurance
  • Box 38:
  • Bank statements - 1930-1959
  • Box 39:
  • Insurance policies - 1962-1975
  • Box 40:
  • Correspondence, beginning of life together - 1925-1961
    Includes University Handbook; crop bulletins; stamp collection; family photographs; TMR letter to TPR about St. Louis and his girl, Marge; engagement and wedding; vacation to Creed, Colorado, and New Mexico
  • Box 41:
  • Correspondence, Robert Rehder - 1938-1986
    Includes Superman comic book (May 1949); American Revolution battles map drawn by Robert; Rotary grant to study in Paris (1957); Correspondence while on Rotary Fellowship in Tehran, Iran, (1958) and California; U-High commencement (1953); Princeton University paper and graduation (1953-1957); foreign language newspapers
  • Box 42:
  • Correspondence, Richard Rehder - 1935-1984
    Draft board (1961); Princeton University (1959-1961); U-High graduation (1957); Rotary application (1962); biographical (1964-1984)
  • Correspondence, Marge Rehder - 1929-1961
    President, Iowa City Library Board (1960); Children's Book Council "Book Week" bookmarks (1948); Co-chair, 25-year reunion (Class of 1929); Service to American Red Cross; on committee to observe 22nd anniversary, Mortar Board
  • Correspondence, family - 1956-1991
    Vacation to Allens Park, Colorado; card to TMR from grandchildren, John and Katherine; Christmas cards
  • Box 43:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1939-1986
    Condolences on death of Martha Rehder
  • Box 44:
  • Correspondence, death of Marge Rehder - 1974
  • Box 45:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1969-1974
  • Box 46:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1943-1981
    Condolences on death of TPR (1956); Correspondence and photograph of George D. Miller in U. S. Army uniform (1943)
  • Box 47:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1956-1983
  • Box 48:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1931-1942
  • Box 49:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1930-1935
  • Box 50:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1932-1945
  • Box 51:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1925-1946
  • Box 52:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1928-1944
  • Box 53:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1935-1941
  • Box 54:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1947-1991
    From Robert Rehder; Condolences on death of TMR (1991)
  • Box 55:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1930-1942
  • Box 56:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1932-1944
    Birth announcement of Robert Rehder
  • Box 57:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1966
  • Box 58:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1939-1942
    Ted and Marge wedding congratulations
  • Box 59:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1968-1981
  • Box 60:
  • Correspondence from friends - 1957-1977
    First Presbyterian Church member records (1963, 1977); Regarding Richard Rehder (1957-1965)
    Cloth pennant movie theater advertisement for comedy series, "The Collegians," 1926, in map case drawer #10
  • OS Box 1:
  • Children's books; junior high course notes; photographs - 1910-1940
    Photograph of TMR, Pauline, Dorthea; photograph of musicians (may include TMR); early drawings by TMR; TMR 8th grade course notes; children's books, The Three Little Kittens (1910) and Father Christmas (1910)
  • OS Box 2:
  • Family medical records
  • OS Box 3:
  • College scrapbook of clippings; Latin notebook; Marge's 1925 class photograph - 1923-1935

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