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Guide to the Kitchen Collection

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1979-2009
Creator: Herlin, Noel
Extent: .50 linear foot.
Collection Number: MSC0965
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Summary: Ephemera from the alternative art space in New York beginning in the early 1970s.

Alternate Extent Statement: Photographs Box 1



Acquisition: Purchased in 2012.

Preferred Citation: Kitchen Collection, The University of Iowa Libraries

Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Address: Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: Greg Prickman

In the 1950's a group of artists emerged that were working in different media and who frequently dealt with new combinations of sensory experiences. Particularly John Cage, David Tudor, Nam June Paik, Robert Rauschenberg, Alan Kaprow, Merce Cunningham and Yvonne Rainer all worked with combinations of performance experiences, which lead to a different integration of the senses and of various art forms. What these explorations had in common was a concern with time-chance, randomness, boredom, duration, etc. The experimentation of most Pop artists with Happenings in the late 50s and early 60s grew out of these explorations, as did a variety of work in dance, music, theater, film, video, and audiotape. By the late 60s enough artists were working in the area that began to be called "Performance" and became widely recognized. The availability of inexpensive video equipment and an interest in integrating a new image- making process resulted in video art. During the late 60s, early 70s there were no schools for performance and video art. There was hesitancy on the part of museums and collectors to sponsor such activities so there was a need for alternate means of presenting the work of these artists to an audience. Performance and video art were thought best seen outside the context of museums, galleries, concert halls or theaters because these spaces are waited with baggage.

The artists who founded The Kitchen were frustrated that museums and commercial galleries provided no outlet for video art. A group of artists, among them Steina and Woody Vesulka, began screening their video pieces in the only available space at the Mercer Arts Center: the kitchen. By 1973 they were incorporated. The Kitchen is the sum of effort from many artists. It is a non-profit organization, operating as the corporation Haleakala, Inc. The Kitchen was unique during this time because it provided space, publicity, equipment and technological assistance for the presentation of works. The range of performance and video activity which has occurred at the Kitchen and the public response to that activity underline both the quality of art being produced in these areas and the quality of this means of bringing the public and artist together.

The Kitchen Collection was a part of the Jean-Noel Herlin Archive Project, which is replete with important and rare documents. Herlin, who was an antiquarian bookseller in the 1970s, began in 1973 to acquire exhibition invitations/announcements and poster/mailers on painting, sculpture, drawing and prints, performance, and video. He was motivated by the quasi-neglect in which these ephemeral primary sources in art history were held by American commercial channels. The Kitchen has been an active alternative art space in New York beginning in the early 70s. Existing documentation of New York City's influential alternative art culture of the 1970s and 1980s is ephemeral. Many alternative initiatives are spontaneous, time-based, or anti-institutional and documentation is frequently meager. The Kitchen Collection is unique because of the variety of items in many different art forms and from many different artists that Jean-Noel Herlin had the foresight to save and that others might not have valued.

The collection, which dates from the early 1970s to 2009, includes press releases, calendars, posters, booklets, announcement cards, invitations, press releases, catalogs, publications, postcards, newspaper articles, all reflecting the many artists associated with The Kitchen and the novel events and sessions that were held there.
This is an Alternative Traditions in Art collection.

Browse by Series:
Series 1: GENERAL

  • Series 1: GENERAL
  • Box 1:
  • 1970-1980
  • April 1973 calendar: the mercer arts center.
    Including a performance by Alison Knowles, film/video by Nam June Paik, new music theatre by Robert Kushner and many other events.
  • The Kitchen: Center for Video and Music, New York City. Communications update. Cardboard poster
  • The Kitchen 1974-1975. Haleakala, Inc, 1975.
    Card stock with glossy covers. 43 pages. This publication represents the first attempt at documentation of the evens and concerts and varied activities presented at the Kitchen Center for Video and Music, commonly known as the Kitchen. Included: Eleanor Antin Videotapes, John Baldessari Videotape, Rhys Chathams New Leaves, Works by Dan Graham, Robert Kushner, Jackson MacLow, Marcel Duchamp Music and many black and white photos.
  • The Kitchen Center for Video and Music, September October 1976.
    Schedule with large announcement for An Exhibition of Lawrence Weiner at The Kitchen Center for Video and Music. Sept. 25-Oct. 16, 1976
  • Announcement card with mailing label to Carolee Schneeman in New York City.
    Listed on the card: Kathy Acker, Constance De Jong with the first date crossed out with handwritten note, cancelled due to illness.
  • The Kitchen Center for Video and Music 75-76.
    This publication is the second complete documentation of activities presented by The Kitchen. This edition has been expanded over the first to include not only documentation but also information about the Video Collection, the Viewing Room, the Touring Program and in-house Video Production. 47 pages with black and white photos. Perfectly bound with rust colored covers and blue lettering.
  • The Kitchen. May [1979].
    Schedule of events, single-sided. Unfolds to (11 x 17) with aqua blue background, highlighting certain dates and performances. Typed mailing label: H.B Kronen.
  • EMMANUAL GHENT, LAURIE SPIEGEL: Instrumental and Computer Music, Video and Film. Friday and Saturday, January 11-12, 1980. Legal-sized announcement on dark-yellow paper with black lettering. The Kitchens Contemporary Music Series presentations.
  • BOB OSTERTAG, AD HOC ROCK: January 25-26, 1980.
    Legal-sized announcement on yellow paper with black lettering. The Kitchens Contemporary Music Series.
  • The Kitchen. May [1980].
    Schedule of events, single-sided. Unfolds to (11 x 17) with black background, highlighting certain dates and performances. Some yellowing to top edge.
  • Press release: Video Viewing Room. May 1980.
    The Kitchens Viewing Room will present three programs of video fare for the daytime viewer: CABLE HTS, JOSEPH BEUYS DIALOGUE and a retrospective of work by JAMES NARES. Legal-sized sheet. Some yellowing at bottom edge.
  • The Kitchen. October. [1980].
    Schedule for Video, Music, Dance, Performance and Gallery on one side. Unfolds four times to poster with gray background highlighting certain events: Jackson Maclow and Dick Higgins (Music), In the Bronx: Bands and DJs at Fashion Moda (Performance), Laurie Anderson, and others.
  • (1980) Dark blue poster (unfolds to 23 x 8 ) with The Kitchen and dates and performances.
    German language. On rear, performances are described in German.
  • Press Release: ERICKA BECKMAN, MICHAEL OBLOWITZ. November 12, 1980.
    Legal-sized sheet.
    Legal-sized sheet.
  • The Kitchen. March, [1981].
    Schedule of events, single-sided. Unfolds to (11 x 17) with greenish-blue background, highlighting certain dates and performances.
  • March [1981] large poster (17 x 21 ) highlighting certain dates and event.
    Blue background. Single-sided.
  • Press Release: VIDEO VIEWING ROOM. March, 1981.
    Three, legal-sized pages, stapled at top corner. Featuring: Gianfranco Mantegna, Pat Hearn.
  • Advertising pamphlet. May, 1981.
    Black and white photos on white background with black lettering. Unfolds to 18 x 8 Glossy.
  • Press Release: Video Viewing Room. May, 1981.
    A retrospective collection of work by JAMES BYRNE, MICHAEL OBLOWITZ, DON MUNROE (director of Andy Warhol Television), and BRIAN ENO. ***Holograph notes by Gianfranco Mantegna. Double-sided.
  • Video Viewing Room, May 3-31.
    Black poster with yellow lettering. 13 x 6
  • Help us celebrate our 10th year in Soho card. 1981.
    4 x 6 beige card. The Kitchen Aluminun Nights: 10th Anniversary Celebration at Bond International Casino. Including: Glenn Branca, David Byrne, DNA, John Giorno, Philip Glass Ensemble, Laurie Anderson, Rhys Chatham, and others.
  • KITCHEN 10 JUNE. 10th Anniversary Celebration poster.
    Black with white lettering. 11 x 17.
  • Press release: KITCHEN 10 Tenth Anniversary Celebration.
    June 14 & 15, 1981 at Bond International Casino Broadway (Times Square). 8 x 14, The Birthday Celebration is a benefit for artists fees for the 1981-82 season and will feature performances by artists who have been presented by or feel an affinity with The Kitchen.
  • 4 x 6 postcard for the Tenth Anniversary Benefit For The Kitchen. [1981].
    Red background featuring a woman in movement. Stamped on back of the card: Opening Celebration/18 September 6-9 pm / Party at Mudd Club 9 pm on. Typed address: John Perreault at the Soho News.
  • To benefit THE KITCHEN TOURING U.S.A. PREMIERE PERFORMANCES on the STATEN ISLAND FERRY. June 1st 8:30 pm Boarding Time.
  • THE KITCHEN TOURING U.S.A. Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Toronto, Detroit, Madison, Minneapolis, Iowa City. 8 x 14 double-sided sheet.
    Participants: Eric Bogosian, Glenn Branca, Fab Five Freddy, Lisa Fox and others. Front of card is the night sky with a cruise boat sailing on the water. Statue of liberty in the background. 5x7 postcard.
  • Postcard announcing First Showing: Secret of the Waterfall.
    A new videodance by Charles Atlas and Douglas Dunn with poetry written by Reed Bye and Anne Waldman. Sunday, April 3, 1983. Front of card is vintage black and white photograph of two dancers. Mailing label to John Perreault.
  • Press Release: Melolalia. November 1, 1983.
    A program of short performance/music pieces by Barbara Barg, Cyril, Love Men, Miranda, and Virginia Piersol. Double-sided, 8 x 11 sheet.
  • Press Release: Earl Howard with Anthony Davis, Gerry Hemingway & George Lewis. November 8, 1983.
    Part of the Contemporary Music Series. 8 x 11, double-sided sheet.
  • A Feast of New Art And Young Talent Awaits YouAt The Kitchen.
    Advertising pamphlet with writing about the Kitchen and all it offers. 11 x 8 pamphlet. Gray paper with red accents and black type. Multiple photographs and images.
  • Postcard (5 x 4). MY FATHER BELONGED TO THE FBI BUT I WAS A SOVIET SPY: A Story of Idealism Leading to International Intrigue and Espionage.
    An installation by Tim Burns. The Kitchen, February 3rd and 4th, [1984]. Typed mailing label addressed to Judith Aminoff. Black card with white drawing.
  • Press release: MY FATHER BELONGED TO THE FBI BUT I WAS A SOVIET SPY. Tim Burns, Ann Rupel, D. Zoninsky. February 3 & 4, 1984.
    8 x 11 Double-sided.
  • Press release: NOTES INEGALES. Christopher Berg & Blue Gene Tyranny. February 9, 1984.
    8 x 11. Double-sided.
    8 x 11 Double-sided.
    8 x 11. Double-sided.
  • Press release: MUTUAL NARCISSISM. Written and directed by Jim Neu and SK Dunn. Music by Lenny Pickett, Design by Bill Wolf.
    8 x 11 Single-sided.
  • Press release: MONDAY SERIES IV: ARTHUR RUSSELL, DAVID LINTON. March 19, 1984.
    8 x 11 Double-sided.
    Announcement that Stuart Hodes has become [the Kitchens] Executive Director, replacing Mary MacArthur.
  • Press release: WOMEN OF THE CALABASH.
    Edwina Lee Tyler and a Piece of the World. Guest curated by Barbara Osborn. April 3, 1984. 8 x 11 Single-sided.
  • Invitation to join The Kitchen in Celebrating 13 Years of Video, Music, Dance, Performance and Film at a Benefit Party at 157 Hudson Street, NY, NY. Tuesday, June 19, 1984. Maryanne Amacher, Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, Anthony Davis, Philip
  • Glass, Robert Longo, Meredith Monk, David Van Tieghem, Nam June Paik & Shigeko Kubota.
    5 x 7 black card with red type.
  • Schedule of events.. December, 1984.
    Performing Events, Video Viewing Room, Gallery, Performance Space, Italian & American Directions: Womens Film. Addressed to Mellissa Meyer. 11 x 17, (unfolded), white sheet with black type
  • Invitation: ROTORBLADE. Music and Dance by FAST FORWARD and YVES MUSARD. Dec 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 1984.
    5 x 7 card with photo on front by Anno Dittmer in Penny Lanes Frisorsalon, Berlin. Mailing label addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • Press release: YVES MUSARD/FAST FORWARD. Rotorblade. December 13-16, [1984].
    8 x 14 Single-sided.
  • Press release: VIDEO INSTALLATIONS. Joe Beirne Two Fields, December 15, 1984-January 5, 1985.
    Shigeko Kubota Marcel Duchamps Grave, December 18-29, 1984. 8 x 14 Double-sided.
  • Schedule of Events. 11 x 17 (unfolded), double-sided. January, 1985.
    Addressed to Mellissa Meyer.
  • Schedule of Events.
    11 x 17 (unfolded), double-sided. February, 1985. Addressed to Mellissa Meyer.
  • Schedule of Events.
    11 x 17 (unfolded), double-sided. March, 1985. Addressed to Mellissa Meyer.
  • Schedule of Events.
    11 x 25 (unfolded), double-sided. April/May, 1985. Addressed to Mellissa Meyer.
  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The New Kitchen Opens. A New Season Of New Video Music Dance Performance & Film At A New Location.
    [For 1986 season].
  • Complimentary Admission and Invitation to participate in [the Kitchens] Three Weeks of Musical Madness
    At A Celebration Introducing: From Belgium, Crammed Discs ZAZOU BIKAYE and from Japan, via London, FRANK CHICKENS. Sunday, January 19th, [1986] at the Limelight, NYC. Lime-colored card stock with black type. 16 x 8 , (unfolded). Accordian-style with blackand white image on cover: Strange Mutations at the Kitchen.
  • Schedule of events. February, 1996.
    10 x 33, unfolded. Glossy finish, black and white photos of Jan Fabre, James Seina & Chazz Dean. Lists upcoming events for March.
  • Announcement for HIS MASTERS VOICE and KAREN FINLEY on Valentines Day, Friday, Feb. 14 [1986].
  • Schedule of events. March, 1986. With Yvonne Meier.
    11 x 17, black & white poster with glossy finish.
  • Press release: VIDEO VIEWING ROOM. November 4-29, 1986.
    With Steve Fagin, David Blair, James Byrne, Ken Kobland/The Wooster Group, Susan Hiller and many others. 8 x 14. Double-sided.
  • Announcement: Barbara Tsumagari: New Executive Director.
    Succeeds former Executive Director Stuart Hodes who successfully engineered the sale of the 59 Wooster Street building and relocating the Kitchen to the 512 West 19th Street location. [1986]. 8 x 14, single-sided.
  • Press release: BETTE GORDON Greed: Pay to Play, ERICKA BECKMAN Cinderella.
    Saturday, December 13, 1986. 8 x 11, double-sided.
  • Schedule of events. February/March 1987.
    11 x 17, poster with black & white photos.
  • Press release: Nelson Zayas One Mans Drink, Cydney Wilkes, Towers, April 9-12, 1987.
    8 x 14, single-sided.
  • Press Release: The Kitchen Buys Building. Glass: Breaking in The Kitchen.
    Three, double-sided sheets describing new building and Press Conference and one sheet describing the celebratory event all stapled. April 7th, 1987. Board of Directors, Robert
  • W. Wilson and the Dia Art Foundation announce the acquisition of a new home for The Kitchen at 512 West 19th Street.
    Board Chair Paula Cooper present Glass: Breaking in The Kitchen a gala benefit concert featuring Philip Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble on Friday, May 8th at the Triplex Theater. -Schedule of events poster for November/December 1987. 16 x 11 unfolded. Black & white pictures on glossy magazine paper. Mailing address: Judith Aminoff.
  • Press Release: New Film/Video Curator: Dan Minahan.
    8 x 11 single-sided sheet.
  • Event announcement card. DANCE IN DECEMBER.
    Pooh Kaye, Mary Overlie, Sara Skaggs. 6 x 4 1/2 card with black type on rear. Front lettering in red. Black and white photo of a truck near a garage by Carol Ford. Addressed to Anna OSullivan at Franklin Furnace.
  • Press release: Mary Overlie, Sarah Skaggs.
    December 10-13, 1987. 8 x 11 double-sided.
  • Press release: THE KITCHEN ANNOUNCES ANNUAL SPRING BENEFIT will be a celebration of two of the worlds liveliest contemporary arts communities: New York and France.
    Wednesday, June 15th, 1988 at the Kitchen. Including: Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, Jennifer Bartlett, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk and Andree Putnam. 8 x 11, double-sided.
  • Schedule of Events poster. September November 1988.
    13 x 22. Heavy stock, glossy, yellow background. Features: Urban Bush Women, Molissa Fenley, Kathy Acker, The Shrimps, Base Theater Group, Video Viewing Room, Open Screening, Kumiko Kimoto, Fred Holland, Karen Finley. Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • With 42, 000 Dead/Art/Is Not Enough/ Take Collective Direct Action To End The Aids Crisis.
    December 1988 January 1989. Includes: Karen Finley, Stephen Petronio, Robert Longo, Blueblack Collective, Spin Doctors, Two in Twenty (The first Lesbian soap opera) and Wolfgang Stahle. Mailed to Judith Aminoff.13 x 22 Black, glossy poster with while and red writing.
  • Kitchen Calendar of events poster.
    22 x 13, with red background including a montage of Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger laughing. Includes: Butch Morris/Marilyn Crispell, Rhys Chatham, Fred Frith, Constance De Jong and Tony Oursler. Also Tere OConnor, John Jesurun and Video Brazil. Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • Press Release: Annual Spring Benefit. Town Hall.
    May 16, 1989. Tuesday/7:30. 8 x 11, double-sided. The Kitchen will present its Annual Spring Benefit, which will launch a major capital campaign for the organization. The Kitchen, established in 1971 is one of the premiere venues for experimental art in the world
    Tuesday, May 16, 1989 at 7:30 pm. White card stock with red and black type. Invitation card (6 x 8 ), closed. Photo of the Kitchen on cover by Gwen Akin.
  • The Kitchens Annual Spring Benefit donation card
    ,4 x 8 with envelope.
  • The Kitchens Spring Benefit.
    Trisha Brown, David Cale, John Cale, Meredith Monk. Town Hall and additional information. 4 x 6 Hand-written in green ink. Postcard addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • September-November 1989 event poster.
    21 x 13 Bright yellow background with various faces at the bottom and all the way across. Black type. Includes: La Loca & Michael Lassell, David Leslie & Glass Eye, Kathy Acker, Christian Marclay & Perry Hoberman, Wim Vandekeybus, Michael Brodsky & William Vollman, Margarita Guergue & Hahn Rowe, Heiner Goebbels & Heiner Mueller, Sample and Hold, and Terence Sellers. Folds four times to reveal mailing label: Judith Aminoff.
  • December 1989-February 1990 event poster.
    13 x 21 Blue background with red accents. Pink and red type. Blondell Cummings, Ben Neill & David Wojnarowicz, Kevin Carter & the Nowhere Men, Annie Sprinkle & Emilio Cubeiro, Sarah Schulman & Bo Huston, Susan Daitch & Paul Auster. Winter Music Series.
  • Announcement card: Roulette presents 1990 Commissioned Works by Elliot Sharp.
    Thu-Fri 8-9, [1990]. George Lewis Sat Sun. Made possible by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts and co-presented at The Kitchen. 5x7 green postcard. Black type and design on front. Back has dates and information. Mailing label : Judith Aminoff.
  • Press Release. Winter Music Series.
    January 24-February 25, [1990]. Collaborations between composers, film and video makers, and actors, the U.S. premiere of the Belgian ensemble MAXIMALIST!, a night of Indian film music, a series devoted to young bands . . .Complete schedule listed. 3, 8 x 14 pages stapled at top corner (5 typed sheets).
    [February, 1990]. Single 8 x 14 sheet.
    13 X 21 Black and bright pink lettering on white, pink and black background. March, April, May 1990. Highlights include: Lynne Tillman and Kelvin James, Vito Acconci and arto Lindsay, Dennis Cooper, Karen Finley and others. Mailing label: Judith Aminoff. Folds four times.
  • Press Release: Monday, April 16, [1990]. The Gun is Loaded by Lydia Lunch/Borders written and narrate by Robert Anton Wilson.
    8 x 11 single-sided.
  • The Kitchens Spring Benefit, Wednesday May 9, 1990.
    Cream-colored postcard, 5x7 Addressed to Karen Vanlengen. Vintage-style photo on front by Gwen Akin.
    Wednesday, May 9, 1990. Benefit dinner following. Rear blank. Announcement card, white, 6 x 4.
  • Press Release: 1990 Spring Benefit. A Concert at town hall featuring Kronos Quartet, Molissa Fenley, and a Special Guest Artist.
    May 9, 1990. 8 x 14 single-sided.
  • Announcement card for The Kitchen Art Benefit.
    31 May-6June 1990. Cocktails. Hosted by Leo Castelli/Castelli Graphics and Curt Marcus Gallery. Proceeds will benefit The Kitchen Capital Campaign. Committee: Laurie Anderson, John Cage, Paula Cooper, Phillip Glass, Jasper Johns, Ann Magnuson and others. 5 x 8 gray and cream-colored card with green and gray lettering.
  • Press Release: The Kitchen Art Benefit. Leo Castelli/Curt Marcus Gallery.
    31 May 23/6 June 1990.
  • Poster/calendar of events. October-November-December 1990. New York: Haleakala, Inc.
    13 x 21. Red, black and gray with red and black lettering. Mailing address: Judith Aminoff.
  • Press Release: An evening with Beth B and Lydia Lunch. Video presentation and performance.
    Wednesday, January 23, 1991. 8 x 14 single-sided.
  • News from The Kitchen: Spring Literature Series focus on small presses and literary journals . . . The Portable Lower East Side.
    An evening with Bomb Magazine.February-March, 1991. 8 x 14 single-sided.
  • News from The Kitchen: Group Show: The Body As a Political Context; Women on Women, Women on Men; Blood: Cool, Hot and Tempered; Dichotomy? Thought and Movement.
    Friday, March 15-Sunday March 17, [1991]. 8 x 14 single-sided.
  • Calendar of Events Poster. April May [1991].
    17 x 21 Bright yellow background with black lettering with illustration. Folds for mailing. Address label: Judith Aminoff.
  • News from The Kitchen
    May 6, 1991. SUZANNE VEGA, ROBERT ASHLEY, & ELIZABETH STREB Perform For the Kitchens Spring Benefit. 8 x 14, single-sided.
  • 1971-1991: The Kitchen Center is Twenty Years old. Twentieth Anniversary Season Announcement.
    October-November, 1991. 17 x 23 (unfolded). Thick white paper stock with black boxes and gold highlights. Folds to be mailed. Mailing label: Judith Aminoff.
  • Twentieth Anniversary Season.
    October, 1991. 8 x 14 double-sided.
  • For immediate release: September 9, 1991. In the Video Screening Room: Preservation Acts, Parts I & II.
  • News from The Kitchen: Cyberpunk, Patrick De Geetere/Ex-Nilho: New and Old Video, Son of Samson and Delilah.
    April 4 April 6, [1992]. 8 x 14, single-sided.
  • For immediate release: September 9, 1991: FALL LITERATURE SERIES. Curated by Ira Silverberg.
    October-November, 1991. 8 x 14 double-sided.
  • For immediate release: September 9, 1991: RAINDANCE FOUNDATION: 20th Anniversary Celebration, NAN HOOVER: Video and Film Works.
    October, 1991.
  • The Kitchen: Twentieth Anniversary Season, calendar of events.
    December 1991, January 1992,February 1992. Large poster, 17 x 22 -unfolded with gray and brown lettering. Folds to be mailed. Mailing label: Judith Aminoff
  • For immediate release: September 27, 1991. STATION DRAMA: A Video Premiere by Lewis Lkahr plus HOUSE SLEEPS FIRE: Live Music for Projected Image.
    Wednesday, October 23, 1991. 8 x 14 single-sided.
  • For immediate release: September 30, 1991. TRANSITION AT THE KITCHEN. Barbara Tsumagari, Executive Director of The Kitchen for five years, and head of the organizations Capital Campaign, has resigned effective October 5, 1991. Lauren Amazeen has assumed r
    Barbara Tsumagari, Executive Director of The Kitchen for five years, and head of the organizations Capital Campaign, has resigned effective October 5, 1991. Lauren Amazeen has assumed responsibility for overall operations.
  • For immediate release, October 3, 1991: THE TALKING DRUMS With JOHN CAGE and MERCE CUNNINGHAM.
    Friday, October 25, 1991. FIVE GENERATIONS OF COMPOSERS AT THE KITCHEN. Thursday, October 31-Saturday, November 2, 1991.
  • THE KITCHEN 1991-92 Twentieth Anniversary Season. March June, 1992.
    17 x 23 (unfolded). White background with teal and gold lettering and accents. Mailing label: Kim Levin at Village Voice.
  • For immediate release, December 12, 1991. SPRING LITERATURE SERIES continues with small presses, literary journals and anthology projects. Curated by Ira Silverberg.
    8 x 14, single-sided.
  • The Kitchen 20 years in blue.
    4 x 6 postcard addressed to Kim Levin at the Village Voice. Front: phrases in blue its our Birthday, save the date, fresh performances at Town Hall, Laurie Anderson, Big Artist, the Kitchen . . .
  • For immediate release, March 18, 1992. Celebrate The Kitchen with a special evening of performance by LAURIE ANDERSON, ERIC BOGOSIAN and video by Tom Rubnitz.
    Wednesday, April 15, 1992. 8 x 14, single-sided.
  • 1992-1993 Season Calendar October, November, December 1992.
  • Postcard announcement. 4 x 6, with black text. Fall Literature Series, 1992. Mailed to Melissa Meyer
    11 x 17 unfolded. Tan paper with navy type and sea-green accent. Announces The Kitchen Turns Twenty: A Retrospective Anthology Compiled and Edited By Lee Morrissey.
  • For Immediate Release, September 24, 1992. FALL LITERATURE SERIES.
    8 X 14, single-sided.
  • The Kitchen. 1992-1993 Season. January-February-March, 1993.
    11 x 17 unfolded. Full schedule of events on pale blue card stock with navy lettering and red circular accents. Folds twice to mail. Mailed to Judith Aminoff.
  • For immediate release, January 8, 1993: Just Published by The Kitchen. THE KITCHEN TURNS TWENTY: A RETROSPECTIVE ANTHOLOGY.
    Compiled and Edited by Lee Morrissey. 8 x 14, single-sided.
  • For Immediate Release, January 29, 1993. MONDAY NIGHT FILM/VIDEO SERIES.
    Mondays, March 1, 8, 15, 22, 1993. 8 x 14, single-sided.
  • The Kitchen. Calendar of Events poster. April May, 1993.
    Tan paper with green and yellow lettering. 11 x 17. Folded twice for mailing. Label: Judith Aminoff.
  • For immediate release, September 1, 1993. FALL LITERATURE SERIES. Curated by Ira Silverberg.
    Featuring: Kathy Acker, Willliam T. Vollman/Richard Grossman Wednesday, September 29, 1993/Monday, November 8, 1993.
  • Announcement card for Queer & Alone featuring Greg Mehrten, Ron Vawter and Marianne Weems.
    Thursdays Sundays, October 21-24, 28-31, November 4-7, 1993. 8 x 5 Black and white card with red lettering. Addressed to Kim Levin.
  • Postcard for The Kitchen. Scheduled events November 1993.
    8 x 5 Yellow front with brown lettering, white design. Back: white background with browm lettering and a dash of yellow. Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • Postcard for The Kitchen. Scheduled events December 1993.
    8 x 5 tan cardstock with gray design and black lettering. Addressed to Kim Levin at the Village Voice.
  • Postcard for The Kitchen. Scheduled events January 1994.
    8 x 5 off-white card stock with dark green lettering. Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • For immediate release: January 15, 1994. SPRING 94 EVENTS AT THE KITCHEN.
    Dance, Theater, Music, Video, Performance, New Opera and Literature converge at the 22 year-old performing arts center. Double-sided, 8 x 14
  • Postcard for The Kitchen. Scheduled events February, 1994.
    8 x 5 textured, blue card with black lettering. Addressed to Kim Levin at the Village Voice.
  • Postcard for The Kitchen. Scheduled events March 1994.
    8 x 5 tan cardstock, with olive greed background for pictures and blue type. Addressed to Kim Levin at the Village Voice.
  • Postcard for The Kitchen. Scheduled events April 1994.
    8 x 5 red cardstock with black lettering and three facial images in white. Back of card, tan with green lettering.Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • For immediate release: March 29, 1994: A WEEK OF PERFORMANCE AT THE KITCHEN
    Stuart Shermans Queer Spectacle/An Evening with Nam June Paik in Tribute to John Cage/For Children of all Ages: Future Stock 2. 8 x 14 double-sided.
  • Postcard for The Kitchen. Scheduled events May 1994.
    8 x 5, olive-colored cardstock with purple lettering with three figures. Purple lettering on back of white card. Addressed to Kim Levin at the Village Voice.
  • For immediate release: May 1, 1994: MUSIC IN MAY AND JUNE.
    The Kitchen Concludes Its 1993-94 Season With An Eclectic Series of Concerts. 8 x 14 single-sided.
  • For immediate release: April 28, 1994. KITCHENETTE..
    The Kitchens Video Annex For Changing Exhibitions At Thread Waxing Space-/ Flaubert Dreams of Travel But The Illness of His Mother Prevents It / Film and Video Work by Ken Kobland and the Wooster Group, Featuring Ron Vawter, Opens May 17. 8 x 14 single-sided.
  • Calendar of events. October-November 1994.
    7 x 17 unfolded. Tan cardstock with reddish-orange and gray type. Glenn Branca featured.
  • Calendar of events. December 1994 January 1995.
    7 x 17 unfolded. Tan cardstock with maroon and blue type.
  • Calendar of events. February March 1995.
    Olive green and black, alternating squares. 7 x 17 Green and black type. Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • Calendar of events. April May 1995. Red and teal squares.
    7 x 17 Red and teal lettering. Addressed to Kim Levin.
  • Whats Happening at the Kitchen? Pamphlet. September-December, [1995].
    8 pp, Glossy finish. 9 x 5 side-stapled. Addressed to Ms. Tina Yells, Director at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop.
  • Letter addressed to Kim Levin, sent to Judith Aminoff. September 29, 1995.
    Written by Robert Soros on behalf of co-chair Philip Glass. Invitation to participate in first Annual Fund, started to help support the upcoming season and secure the future for performing arts at The Kitchen. Signed by Robert Soros. On official Kitchen stationary. Includes the pay/benefit scale and return envelope.
  • Calendar of events: Summer in The Kitchen. [May-June, 1996].
    Folded: 5 x 5 Created to look like a CD insert. Unfolded: 5 x 24 1/2 Orange, gray, black. Mailed to: Judith Aminoff.
  • Order form for: Two Decades of the Video Vanguard. The Kitchen Video Collection Catalogue is now available.
    9 x 4, orange and brown. Glossy, magazine sheet. The catalogue includes explanatory texts, running times, title and artist indexes, as well as complete purchase and rental information. With thought-provoking descriptions, the catalog is an essential reference for anyone interested in the history of video art.
  • Whats in The Kitchen?
    Stapled, fold-out, pamphlet. 5 x 9 as folded booklet. Fifty-four evenings of performance. January April, 1996. Maroon and gray, with black and white lettering.
  • The Kitchen. Fall. September 1996-February 1997.
    5 x 8 folded. 8pp. when unfolded (11 x 8 ). Olive green with many photos. The Kitchen presents artists who break the mold, give us a glimpse of the future and transform our perceptions of the arts. As we approach the next century, The Kitchen continues to foster new experiments, serving as a laboratory for artists who push the boundaries of their disciplines, create new art forms and transform our notions of electronic media and the performing arts.
  • Calendar of events card. [October-January, 1996-97].
    5 x 7. Gold background with white and black text. Includes: Texty the Clown, Performance Poetry, Edwin Torres, Mike Tyler, Tracie Morris, Xavier Cavazos, Paul Skiff. Artists and Text, October 23. Last Poets/New Voices.
  • The Kitchen. Spring. January April 1997.
    5 x 8 folded. 8pp. unfolded (11 x 8 ). Colored pages. Rose, blue with white and colored text.
  • February in the Kitchen. [1997]. Announcement card.
    5 x 8 tan, card with black text. Includes: Frances-Marie Uitti, cello; Linda Hill; The Last Poets; Jennifer Monson; Julie Heyward.
  • Article: Struggling To Stay Avant, by Marina Isola. The New York Times.
    Sunday, May 4, 1997, Section 13 (The City), page 3.
  • The Kitchen. Fall Events 97-8.
    16pp. 5 x 11, Black with white and red lettering. Red highlights. Photos. 25 Years in The Kitchen. Includes: D. Film Digital Film Festival, Naked Revolution (historical opera created in honor of The Kitchens 25th anniversary. The first opera written by composer Dave Soldier), Jonathan Burrows Group, Fred Darsow Dance, The dice Project, the ensemble Coocoohandler, Tone, Gordon Lish, Hybrid No. 12 and much more. Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • Announcement card: Art City. Making it in Manhattan. New York Premiere Screening.
    By producers Chris Maybach and Paul Gardner. January 31, [1998]. 4 x 6, postcard with black and white design on front. Mailed to: Melissa Meyer.
  • The Kitchen. Spring Season 1998.
    5 x 11. 19pp. Black, side-stapled booklet with note from the new Executive Director, Elise Bernhardt signed and in-laid. Lime green accents and pages.
  • For Immediate Release: Theater @ The Kitchen. Fall 1998. August 3, 1998. 3 Sides. Stapled at top corner. 8 x 11. Includes: 3-Legged Dog. F I [sic] Were You. Conceived and Directed by Mike Taylor; Theodora Skipitares A Harlots Progress, presented by The
  • For Immediate Release: Music@ The Kitchen. Fall 1998. July 22, 1998.
    One page, double-sided. 8 x 11.
  • For Immediate Release: The Kitchen Art Gallery. [September-December, 1998].
    One, single-sided page. 8 x 11.
  • For Immediate Release: Events at the Kitchen for the Weekend of December 18 & 19th. [1998].
    Includes: Movin Spirits Dance Theater; Beth Coleman.
  • The Kitchen. Spring Season, 1999. 5 x 11.
    18pp. Olive green with black and white photos, orange and black lettering. Includes: Sarah East Johnson, Kevin James, Matt Higgins, Jay Rhoderick, Mac Wellman, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Fred Ho & The Afro Asian Music Ensemble, David Krakauer and much more.
  • For Immediate Release: Dance & Performance @ The Kitchen. Spring 1999. December 18, 1998.
    8 x 11, 2 double-sided sheets, stapled at top corner.
  • For Immediate Release: Music @The Kitchen. Spring 1999. December 18, 1998.
    8 x 11. Two sheets, stapled at top corner.
  • New York Foundation for the Arts. DARK LOVE a premiere.
    7 x 6 card with Dark Love, 1993 by Pat Lipsky.. At the Kitchen -18, 19, 20 February 8, [1999]. Theodore Wiprud, Dark Love, a percussion work in three movements to accompany three paintings by Pat Lipsky. The audience is invited an hour before showtime to view works.
  • For immediate release: DARK LOVE. A New Production Combining Percussion, Painting, and Sculpture. Premieres February 18, 19, 20. [nd].
    8 x 11. Two pages stapled at top corner.
  • For immediate release: January 19, 1999. Due Virtuosi. David Krakauer. Guy Klucevsek. February 26-27, 1999.
    8 x 11. One, double-sided sheet.
  • The 1999 Kitchen Benefit. 7 x 5 folded card. May 4, 1999.
    Gold with black and white photos; black, gold and white lettering. Invitation card, rsvp card and envelope, and card listing names of the benefit committee. Guest of Honor was RoseLee Goldberg.
  • For Immediate Release: April 2, 1999. Dance in Progress. Working in The Kitchen.
    May 12 & 13 [Wed & Thu] 8 pm $12. Featuring: Trisha Bauman, Wally Cardona, Amy OBrien, and Yasuko Yokoshi. 8 x 11. One, double-sided sheet.
  • For Immediate Release: June 10, 1999. The Kitchen Launches New Education Initiative: THE SIDNEY KAHN SUMMER INSTITUTE.
    Artists of the Present Inspire Artists of the Future. This is the launch of the Kitchens first summer institute, Telling Tales, Mixing Media, which will be an intensive three-week laboratory for students interested in the creation of multi-media works. 8 x 11. One, double-sided sheet.
    8 x 11 single sided.
  • Public Talks @ The Kitchen. As part of The Kitchens Summer Institute . . .
    The Kitchen presents six public talks with some of the most prolific innovators and commentators of our time. Featuring: Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, John Kelly, Kate Valk, Sara Roberts and Laurie Anderson. [June-July, 1999]. 8 x 11. One, single-sided sheet folded three times.
  • The Kitchen. Fall Season. 1999.
    5 x 11. 16pp. Schedule of events. Purple cover with brown photo and yellow lettering. Inside: white background with purple border and black, purple, and yellow lettering. Black & white photos.
  • Immediate Release: August 4, 1999. The Kitchen Inside Out . . . / Music, Video & Performance presented by the Downtown Arts Festival and The Kitchen; The Kitchen Street Fair; Chelsea Walks; Music, Film & Video. [September, 1999]. One sheet, double-sided.
  • Immediate Release: November 10, 1999. Kitchen Selects New Media Director. New Curatorial Team in Place at The Kitchen.
    8 x 11. Two pages, stapled at top corner. Executive Director, Elise Bernhardt announces the appointment of Christina Yang to the newly created position of Media Director.
  • For immediate release: December 3, 1999. Techno Preview for SPRING 2000.
    8 x 11. Two pages stapled at top corner. Features: The Builders Association & Diller + Scofidio; Digital Happy Hour; Kyle decamp; Miranda July; TV Dinner @ The Kitchen and Jin Hi Kim.
  • For Immediate Release: December 17, 1999. The Kitchen Art Gallery.
    One double-sided page. Featuring: Diller + Scoidio: Pageant; Dance on Video; Charles Atlas; TV Dinner; Johan Grimonprez; Jennifer Lacey and others.
  • The Kitchen. Winter/Spring 2000 catalogue of scheduled events.
    6 x 11. 26pp. Navy, tan and white booklet; side-stapled. Black and white photographs throughout. Addressed to Kim Levin.
  • For Immediate Release: February 3, 2000. The Kitchen and Sarah Lawrence College present . . . The Second Annual Sidney Kahn Summer Institute. SOUND CIRCUS 2000: Studies in Multimedia Performance.
    June 11-July 1. 8 x 11, double-sided.
  • For Immediate Release: May 31, 2000.
    As Part of The Sidney Kahn Summer Institute, The Kitchen presents, Public Talks @ The Kitchen. 4 artists talk about their work: June 20-Carl Hancock Rux; June 22 Ann Carlson; June 27 Diamanda Galais; and June 29 Lee Breuer. / The Kitchen Art Gallery Molly Davies & Polly Motley, June 26-29. 8 x 11. Two sheets, stapled at top corner.
  • For immediate release: June 28, 2000. Fall 2000 Gallery, TV Dinner & TV Dance Preview @ The Kitchen.
    Featuring: Ralph Lee, Fatimah Tuggar, Benton Bainbridge; New Series; Digital Happy Hour. 8 x 11. Double-sided.
  • For immediate release: June 28, 2000. Fall 2000 Preview @ The Kitchen.
    Henson International Festival of Puppet Theater and much more. 8 x 11. 6 sheets, stapled at top corner.
  • The Kitchen. Fall 2000 catalogue of scheduled events.
    6 x 11. 18pp. Yellow and burnt-orange, side-stapled booklet. Black and white photographs throughout. Addressed to Kim Levin.
  • Postcard announcement for Fatimah Tuggar: Fusion Cuisine (September 28-October 21) and TV Dinner No. 9 (October 20 & 21). Fall 2000.
    4 x 6. Black front with three colored pictures of a village, cooking and a robot with Fatimah Tuggar/Fusion Cuisine in white and orange lettering.
  • For immediate release: October 11, 2000.
    The Kitchen turns its video archive of experimental dance into living history. TV Dance No. 1. November 16 & 17. Featuring: Vicky Shick and Barbara Kilpatrick. 8 x 11. Double-sided.
  • For immediate release: November 8, 2000. Benton-C Bainbridge: Triggers.
    December 7-23 an interactive jukebox stocked from a suite of analog-synthesized videos. 8 x 11. Double-sided.
  • For immediate release: November 20, 2000. Jordan Crandall: Drive (Tracks 3 & 4). January 5-26-Free. / TV Dinner No. 10: Jordan Crandall. January 20. 8 x 11. Double-sided.
  • The Kitchen. Spring 2001 catalogue of scheduled events.
    6 x 11, side-stapled. 22pp. Green, yellow and white booklet with photos throughout.
  • The Kitchens 30th Anniversary Season catalogue. 1971-2001.
    9 x 13. 15pp. Red, tan, white and black large booklet. Side-stapled. Addressed to Judith Aminoff. Folds to mail.
  • Fall 2001 Preview @ The Kitchen (Advanced copy All information subject to change).
    September. Big Dance Theater: Shunkin. Directed by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar. September5-8 & 12-15; Kitchen Neighborhood Street Fair; Quebec New York 2001; Concerts M; Conference of the Birds (Phase One) and many other events. 8 x 11. 4 double-sided sheets, stapled at top corner.
  • For immediate release: July 24, 2001.
    The Kitchen kicks off its 30th anniversary season with the unveiling of the Fulton Mural Project and outdoor performances. The Kitchen Neighborhood Street Fair. 8 x 11. Double-sided.
  • How new technological advances have radically changed the art of portraitureID /Entity: Portraits in the 21st Century.
    November 30, 2001-January 15, 2002. 8 x 11, single-sided
  • The Kitchen. Spring 2002 catalogue of scheduled events. 30 Years.
    6 x 11 . 22pp. White cover with green script and title in blue. Side-stapled. Photographs throughout. Green back cover with mailing label addressed to Kim Levin.
  • For Immediate Release: Spring 2002 @ The Kitchen. Music, Literature, Dance & Performance, The Art Gallery
    Multiple listings of events and descriptions. 8 x 11. 4 double-sided sheets, stapled at top corner.
  • For Immediate Release: June 15, 2002.
    The Kitchen goes to the park with its new summer series, featuring Kitchen House Blend, Eiko & Koma, and Tracie Morris. July & August. 8 x 11, single-sided.
  • The Kitchen. Fall 2002 catalogue of scheduled events.
    6 x 11. 22pp. Maroon and light gray cover, side-stapled. Addressed to Kim Levin.
  • For immediate release: June 20, 2002. Fall 2002 @ The Kitchen.
    Four double-sided sheets stapled at top corner.
  • The Kitchen. Winter/Spring 2003 catalogue of scheduled events.
    6 x 11. 19pp. Brown cover with white K in a white circle. Photographs throughout. Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • The Kitchen. Fall 2003 catalogue of scheduled events.
    6 x 11. 22pp. Dark gray, side-stapled booklet with yellow k encircled with yellow lettering. White shadowed image of a truck on cover. Photographs throughout. Addressed to Judith Aminoff.
  • The Kitchen. Winter/Spring 2004 catalogue of scheduled events.
    6 x 11. 23pp. Maroon cover with yellow lettering. Quote from Laurie Anderson beneath cartoon. Lime green highlights inside. Photographs throughout.
  • The Kitchen. Fall 2004 catalogue of scheduled events.
    6 x 11. 23pp. White and purple cover. Photographs throughout.
  • The Kitchen. Winter 2007 Calendar. January-March.
    9 x 36, unfolded. Rose and red with photographs throughout. Addressed to Ken Switzer Film & Events at The Village Voice.
  • For immediate release: The Kitchens Winter / Spring 2007 Preview (January-May)
    8 x 11, 4 double-sided sheets, stapled at top corner.
  • The Kitchen. [June 2007]. Editorial Review.
    Mission statement and historical overview of the kitchen from 2 pages, stapled at corner. Highlighted.
  • History and Mission statement for the Kitchen from
    Single-sheet, highlighted.
  • For Immediate Release: The Kitchens Fall 2007 Preview (September December).
    Exhibition-Between Thought and Sound: Graphic Notation in Contemporary Music. September 7 October 20, 2007. Music Either/or. Block Party, Dance, Literature, Exhibitions, Music/Film, Performance, Theater/Dance many listed events with description. 8 x 11. Four double-sided sheets, stapled at top corner.
  • The Kitchen. Fall 2007 Calendar. September-December.
    9 x 36 unfolded. Blue, orange and white pamphlet. Many events listed with descriptions in all arts. Pictures throughout. Addressed to Kim Levin.
  • Announcement postcard. 6 x 4. Glen Fogel: Quarry. Mika Tajima: The Double. March 14-April 26, 2008. Curated by Matthew Lyons.
    Addressed to Kim Levin.
  • Announcement postcard. The Kitchen High Line Block Party: A neighborhood street fair presented by The Kitchen and Friends of the High Line. Free. Saturday, September 15th. Rain or Shine.
    6 x 4. Front is green with white lettering with a picture of a chocolate ice cream bar. Addressed to Kim Levin.
  • The Kitchen. Spring 2009 Calendar. April June.
    9 x 36 unfolded. Green and navy pamphlet. Many events listed with descriptions in all arts. Photos throughout. Addressed to Kim Levin.

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