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Guide to the Images from South Africa Collection

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1980 -1988
Creator: Images From South Africa
Extent: 1.50 linear feet.
Collection Number: MSC0789
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Summary: Artwork and miscellaneous documentation concerning apartheid in South Africa and/or the various installations of the traveling exhibit Images from South Africa, first shown at the Media Gallery in San Francisco from April 18th - May 10th 1986.

Alternate Extent Statement: Photographs in Boxes 2, 3, 4; one Oversize Box

Access: This collection is open for research.

Use: Copyright restrictions may apply; please consult Special Collections staff for further information.

Acquisition: This collection was given to the University of Iowa Libraries by Stephen Perkins in 1997.

Preferred Citation: Images from South Africa Collection, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Address: Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: Greg Prickman

The correspondence art exhibit Images from South Africa was first shown at the Media Gallery in San Francisco from April 18th - May 10th 1986 and was subsequently exhibited in various forms by galleries in the United States between 1986 and 1988. Approximately 250 artists from 33 countries participated in the exhibit. Its curators, Stephen Perkins, Bill Washburn, and Nathan Yrizarry issued the following statement concerning the exhibit: "Images from South Africa was initiated in response to the South African government's imposition of the 'state of emergency' in 1986, and more significantly to the banning of media images from the areas under the state of emergency. Since few or no images were coming out of these areas at this time, we conceived the show as a way of breaking this blockage of images and as a gesture of cultural solidarity with the peoples of South Africa fighting the apartheid regime. Events since that time have only served to confirm the thrust of the show.

The Images from South Africa collection consists of 1.5 linear feet and 1 oversize box of artwork and miscellanenous documentation concerning apartheid in South Africa and/or the various installations of the Images from South Africa exhibit. The names of artists, who contributed to the exhibit, are listed in alphabetical order. Their country of origin, and the titles, dates, and medium of their work are provided when known. Several artworks originally shown in this exhibit are now located in the Artifacts of the Eternal Network Collection. These works are noted.
Images from South Africa is a part of the Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts Collection.

Browse by Series:
Series 1: GENERAL

  • Series 1: GENERAL
  • Box 1:
  • Miscellaneous material related to the Exhibit
  • Statements about the exhibit accompanied by a copy of its press releases and several photocopied images from the exhibit
  • Booklet on the exhibit
  • Letter from Stephen Perkins to the United Nations Special Comittee on Apartheid inquiring about a proposed Museum Against Apartheid
  • Letter from Volker Hamann (Anthroat) to Stephen Perkins concerning the exihibition and mailart artists in South Africa.
  • Flyers for related exhibits and projects
  • 2 books of poetry about Apartheid
  • Publicity for the exhibit
  • Journal and newspaper articles concerning Apartheid 
    Note: several oversize newspaper articles in Box 4
  • Work From Exhibit
    * indicates work not actually used in exhibition
  • A.1. Waste Paper Co. Ltd. England. Racism, Photomontage - 1986
  • Aaboe, Ruth. England. Born in South Africa - 1986
  • Abeyta, Mike. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Photograph
  • Akanojo, Theophillis. Ghana. Untitled - 1986
  • Alleluia, Dominic. USA. Untitled - 1986
  • Anderson, Gretchen. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Collage and tempera on paper.
  • Anelli, Salvatori. Italy. RacismoMemory, and Untitled
    Undated. Photocopy collages.
  • Annie. USA. Africa Wakes - 1986
  • Anonymous. I Love Apartheid - 1985
     printed on paper; 2 stickers, no date; Untitled, 1986, color photocopy collage, 3 collages on paper, no date; photocopy of statement about the use of tax dollars for weapons instead of humanitarian aid, no date; photocopy of the cover of The Economist, June 21 - 27, 1986; photocopy of statements addressed to? Mr. Nobosuke Tagomi from Philip K. Dick's "The Man in the High Castle," no date; Text on paper (A Crap Art for Communism Production), 1986.
  • Araujo, Avelino de. Brazil. Envelope and newspaper clipping - 1986
    I Love Apartheid, no date, serigraph. Note: this work is located in the Artifacts of the Eternal Network Collection
  • Art Against Apartheid. USA - 1986
    3 unitled postcards
  • Art Missionary. USA.  Untitled
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Art Naphro. England. Quest for Paradise - 1986
    Altered newspaper clipping.
  • Artfoot 86. USA. - 1986
  • Atelier. Austria.  Untitled
    Undated. Collage postcard
  • Baccelli, Vittorio.  Untitled - 1986
    Postcard. *
  • Balazs, Kovacs. Hungary  Untitled
    Undated. Postcard
  • Balst, Maureen. USA. Ebony and Ivory Living Together in Harmony. Paul and Stevie
    Undated. Collage Postcard
  • Barbot, Claudine. USA.  Untitled
    Undated. Collage envelope
  • Barbot, Gerard. USA. Champions of Liberty - 1986
    Collage on cardboard with envelope
  • Baroni, Vittore. Italy. Untitled
    Undated. Collage postcard
  • Basso, Umberto. Italy. South Africa - 1986
    Marker and acrylic? On four postcards taped together.
  • Bates, Keith. England. Untitled - 1986
    Collage on paper.
  • Beier, Jorg. West Germany. Untitled
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Bell, Ginette. USA. Fear a Hole in the Path, a Path with Unknown End - 1985
    Print on paper; Mme a Part-Hide 1986 photocopy. Note: additional works by this artist in Box 4.
  • Berkeley Office. USA. No Business - 1986
    Altered page from History of the United States; Black Face on Ron 1986, altered newspaper clipping.
  • Black, Byron. Thailand. No Way Out
    Undated. Rubber stamp impring and ink on paper.
  • Boever, Jan de. Belgium. Untitled
    Undated. Postcard
  • Bonagura, Joan. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Ink on paper
  • Books, Cheryl Kay. USA. Die Stem Van Suid-Afrika (The Call of South Africa) - 1986
  • Borner, Gerd. West Germany. Image from South Africa
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Borowik, Grazyna. Poland. Haley at Home
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Branco, Joaquim. Brazil. South Africa
    Undated. Postcard
  • Bruscky, Paulo. Brazil. Self-Portrait
    Undated. Photocopy and envelope
  • Bryan, Linda Louise. England. Untitled - 1986
    Colored pencil and ink on paper.
  • Bushmiller, Edgar Allen. USA. The White Folks Think Back
    Undated. Photocopy
  • Canstin, Monty. Holland. Anonymity of Violence - 1986
  • Caraballo, Jorge. Uruguay. Sud Africa Vencera - 1986
    Photocopy collage; Sud Africa Vencera 1986, Photocopy collage
  • Cavellini. Italy.
    Sticker. Undated.
  • Cekolj, Marijan. Yugoslavia. Black and White
    Undated. Print on paper; Unitled Form Undated, print on paper; Untitled 1986, collage on paper
  • Chaurit, Pablo. Spain. Homenaje a la Amistad
  • Colonna, Gaetano. Italy. Liberta-Liberte-Libertad!!
    Undated. Postcard
  • Craven, Richard. APart/ratHATEM - 1986
    Ink on paper. Note: this work is located in the Artifacts of the Eternal Network Collection
  • Crowe, Mary Ann. USA. Dangerous Precedents - 1986
    Ink on paper.
  • Collet, Michel. France. Unitled - 1986
    Watercolor postcard
  • Commare, G. Italy. Populum In Libertatem Vocare - 1986
    Postcard; Is a Smile Appreciated? 1986 Postcard
  • Box 2:
  • Da Riz, Marisa. Italy. Peace - 1986
  • Dadata. USA. The World Is Yours
    Undated. Photocopy
  • Daligand, Daniel. France
    2 untitled photcopy collages, Undated; Untitled, no date, collage on paper; Untitled, no date, collage on cardboard.
  • De Sousa, Ernesto. Portugal. Untitled - 1986/86
    Postcard; Untitled, no date, postcard
  • Debechi, Lizzie. England. The Natives of the Rand Keep on the Gold Standard
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Delagado. USA. Help Us with Food. . . and Freedom? - 1986
  • Dicey, Mark. Canada.Untitled - 1986
    Collage on cardboard; Untitled, 1986, Rubber stamp imprint, photocopy and ink on paper. Note this work is located in the Artifacts of the Eternal Network Colleciton
  • Diotallevl, Marcello. Italy. Untitled - 1986
    Print on paper.
  • Dodge, Jean. USA. A Question of Black and White - 1986
  • Dot's Dovan-W. USA. Untitled - 1986
  • El Henson, Bernard. USA. Uprising
    Undated. Poem on paper; USA USA , 1979, poem on paper with 1986 appendage; Images of South Africa, 1986, poem on paper; Untitled, 1986 poem on paper.
  • Elbrecht, Werner. West Germany. Untitled
    Undated. Collage postcard
  • Epistolary Stud Farm. USA. Don't Mess with My Bishop Desmond Tutu
    Undated. Photocopy; 'You Do not Grieve Alone', undated, photocopy
  • Esting, Poul. Denmark. And I Say We Will Be There Tomorrow! - 1986
    Collage postcard.
  • Evans, James. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Collage postcard.
  • Fabulous, Mr. USA. - 1986
    2 untitled postcards
  • Fallico, Artura G. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Print and ink on paper.
  • Farrow, Al. USA. Postcard of African Man No. 1 - 1984
  • Feeny, Bill. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Altered tourist brochure clipping
  • Fierens, Luc. Belgium. Free, Free, Set Them Free
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Finch, Emma. England. Untitled
    Undated. Ink, crayon, and tempera on paper.
  • Fish, Pat. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Fox, Henry. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Collage Postcard; Kunst Post Tampa, Images of South Afric Issue, 1986, printed mail art stamps.
  • Fraj, Al. Poland. Untitled
    Undated postcard.
  • Francois, Charles. Belgium. Untitled - 1986
    Altered poster for exhibit
  • Frangione, Nicole. Italy. Untitled
    Undated. Collage on paper
  • Fricker, H. R. Switzerland.
    2 "South Africa" mail art stamp sheets and envelope, no date; Untitled, 1986, postcard.
  • Fukui, Tetsuya. Japan. Untitled
    Undated. Videophoto on postcard
  • Gasparro, Giuseppe. Italy. Untitled - 1986
  • Geluwe, Johan van. / Nelson Mandela: Leader of the Nation - 1986
    Photomontage and rubber stamp imprints on graph paper. Note: this work is located in the Artifacts of the Eternal Network Collection
  • Giersch. East Germany. Untitled - 1986
  • Goes, Walter G. East Germany. Sudafrika - 1986
    Postcard; Untitled, no date, postcard
  • Grant, Will. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Altered postcard for exhibit
  • Hamill, T. USA. World's Behind Bars - 1986
    Collage postcard
  • Hawkins, Paul. USA. How Many Will die For How Long? - 1986
    Photocopy collage with envelope.
  • Hensen, Phyllis. USA. Untitled - 1986
  • Heyward, Carl. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Fragment from a box of raisins from South Africa
  • Hill, Grag. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Photocopy collage.
  • Hinchcliffe, Ian. England. Untitled - 1986
    Ink on paper.
  • Horobin, Pete. USA. Photograph of Black Township, Orange Free State - 1972
  • Humeres, Paula. Untitled - 1986
    Assemblage on postcard. Note: this work is located in the Artifacts of the Eternal Network Collection
  • Hunter, Rev. Color Blindness in South Africa - 1986
    photocopy collage; Optical Illusion!, 1986, collage and ink on paper. Note: this work is located in the Artifacts of the Eternal Network Collection
  • Janssen, Ruud. Holland. Untitled - 1986
    Postcard; Untitled, 1986, postcard
  • Jarvis, D. England. Test Card #3 - 1986
    photocopy collage and marker on paper; Suburban Capetwon, 1986, photocopy collage and marker on paper.
  • Jesch, Birger. West Germany. The Most of Powerful are Short Sighted - 1986
  • Jung, Kim Il. West Germany. Untitled - 1986
    altered South African two rand; Untitled, no date, altered photocopy of "The State of Emergency" list of people arrested in South Africa; Are You Prepared for a State of Emergency?, no date, photocopy; SA Is Not 'In Flames' Since Govt Declared State of Emergency, no date, photocopy; Untitled, 1985, photocopy.
  • Kano, Betty. USA. Untitled - 1986
  • Kappis, Detlef. East Germany. Welcome in South Africa. Help, My Best Friend is Botha in south Africa-Pinochet - 1986
    Undated, postcard. Ink and pencil on paper. Postcard
  • Kierspel, Jurgen. West Germany. South Africa-No Thankx - 1986
    Collage on paper.
  • Klancnik, Stane. Yugoslavia. How to Compose a Picture Called "Images from South Africa"  - 1986
    Collage on paper.
  • Klaus. Spain. Untitled
    Undated, postcard.
  • Kolaghesi, Salam. USA. "Nablos" Palestine, West Bank
    Undated. Collage on paper.
  • Krasniewicz, Louise. USA. South Africa - 1985
    Collage postcard
  • Kren, Kurt. USA. Untitled - 1986
  • Kustermenn, Peter. West Germany. Untitled
    Undated. Ink and pencil on paper*
  • Lammers, G. S. USA. Crucifixion, S. African - 1985
    Colored pencil on paper envelope.
  • Laporte, Christian. France.
    4 untitled collages on paper, no date.
  • Larson, Mike. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Collage postcard.
  • Lenoir, Pascal. France. La Couleur de la Nuit/The Night Color
    Undated. Collage on paper.
  • Lepage, Jacques. France. La Liberte D'Opinion Est-Elle Mortelle?
    Undated. Collage on paper.
  • Lime, Torbjorn. Sweden.Black is Beautiful
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Liuzzi, Oronzo. Italy.  - 1986
    3 untitled postcards
  • Lonidier, Fred. USA. Untitled - 1986
  • Luigetti, Serse. Italy. Apartheid Is a Crime Protest Is Not
    Undated. Collage on paper.
  • Box 3:
  • Maggi, Ruggero. Italy. Stigma in My Mind
    Undated. Ink and print on paper.
  • Magisch Theater Production. Belgium. Untitled - 1986
    Photograph on postcard.
  • Malok. USA. Both Legs Can See - 1985
    Ink on cardboard. Organ of Departing Blasé (Miekal And), 1985, ink on cardboard; Archon Anxiety, 1981, ink on paper.
  • Marian, Koguciuk. Poland. Untitled - 1986
    Acrylic on canvas
  • Marson, Dominique. USA.
    5 unitled ink and colored pencil drawings on paper
  • Martin, Don. USA Untitled - 1986
    Colored pencil on cardboard
  • Marton, Koppany. Hungary. Untitled
    Undated. Postcard
  • Matthes, Karsten. West Germany. Freedom Now - 1986
  • McLimans, D. Untitled
    Undated. Postcard
  • Metallic Avau. Belgium. I Hate Black/White Pictures
    Undated. Postcard
  • Michel, Madrange/ M. Nomized. France.  - 1986
    2 untitled postcards
  • Miekal And. USA. Pain Is International - 1986
    Print on paper
  • Miller, Juanita. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Poem on paper.
  • Murakami, Kazunori. Japan. Untitled
    Undated. Collage on paper.
  • Nakahara, Seiei Jack. Japan. No Mail Art
    Undated. Collage postcard
  • Nicholson, Paul. England.  - 1986
    2 untitled collages on paper
  • Nobrega, Alexandre. Brazil. Untitled - 1986
    Collage postcard.
  • Nuk, Ona. West Germany. Source of Blood - 1986
    Photocopy with ink
  • Ochoki, Margaret. Enland. What's Black and White and Red All Over? - 1986
    Collage postcard
  • Oldham, Davis. USA. Why Did We Drop the Bomb?
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Pack, Tom. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Collage postcard
  • Padin, Clemente. Uruguauy. End Apartheid - 1986
  • Parmova, Radana. Czechoslovakia. Habari Za Leo
    Undated. Poem on paper*
  • Perkins, Stephen. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Altered page from Universal History-The Modern World; Unitled
  • Pilcher, Barry Edgar. England. Snap!
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Pirat, Blady. Greece. Untitled
    Undated. Photocopy with ink
  • Pittore, Carlo. Untitled - 1986
    Collage postcard.
  • Pryor, Sally. USA. Why Does Apartheid Continue? - 1986
  • Punning, Mark. England. Untitled - 1986
    Collage postcard
  • Putzer, Bart. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Collage on postcard
  • Rader, L.S. USA.
    4 photographs.
  • Radio Free Dada. USA. Outh African Inventory - 1986
    Photocopy; Unitled, 1983, photocopy; >em>Stop Apartheid Free the Zulus, Undated, photocopy
  • Rassias, Vlasis. Greece. We're All Black!!!. . . At Least Sometimes
    Undated. Photoopy and marker on paper
  • Rege, Barbara. Itlay. Liberte, Franternite, Egalite
    Undated. Collage on paper. Note: additional works by this artist in Box 4.
  • Robinson, Eugene. USA. Both Worlds
    Undated. Poem
  • Robles, Laura. USA. A Great Deal of Injustice Is Done in this World - 1986
  • Romeo Gablamez, Jesus. El Salvador. Untitled
    Undated. Photocpy and marker on cardboard; Nuestra America Hoy, 1985, postcard; Solidaridad con el Pueblo de Sudafrica y del Tercer Mundo, Undated, print on paper.
  • Rosamilia, Peppe. Italy. Paesaggio Fantastico - 1980
  • Sakolsky, Michael. USA. Free Mandela - 1985
  • Saragoza. USA. Untitled - 1986
    Collage on paper.
  • Sarkisian, Robert Mark. USA. Aparthied - 1986
    Print on paper attached to cardboard.
  • Schlater, Michael. USA. Dance of the Forwarned-Rites and Wrongs
    Undated, postcard; Dance of the Forwarned-An Invitation, no date, postcard.
  • Schnyder, Achim. West Germany. End Apartheid
    Undated. Photocopy
  • Sehungostik?, Janis. USA. Untitled
    Undated. Print on paper; Untitled, no date, print on paper*
  • Serrano, Sven. USA. Language Is a Lie - 1986
    Altered advertisement for South African Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sevcik, Petr. Czechoslovakia - 1986
  • Silva, Mauricio. Brazil. Interferencia
    Undated, lithograph and pencil on paper; Africa Raga, undated, lithograph and oil? On paper; Untitled, 1986, c ollage postcard
  • Soldatini, Mariella. Italy. Black
    Undated, postcard; Electric South Africa, no date, postcard.
  • Spiegelman, Lon. USA. Untitled - 1985
    Postcard; Untitled, 1985, postcard; envelope 1986
  • Spitter, The. USA. Spitting Apartheid - 1985
  • Springer, Homer. USA. Ex Unitate Vires - 1986
    Ink and colored pencil on cardboard
  • Stange, Joachim. East Germany. Botha - 1986
    postcard; Untitled, no date, collage on paper;Untitled, no date, collage on paper.
  • Stinkee and Gordon Converse. USA. Lost Pass Book - 1986
  • Suel, Lucien. France.  Untitled
    Undated. Collage on cardboard
  • Swartz, Joel M. USA.  Untitled - 1986
    Print on paper
  • Szewczyk, Andrej. Poland. Gadget Made in South Africa
    Undated, altered photograph;  Untitled, no date, altered photograph
  • Tisa, Benedict. USA.  Untitled - 1986
    Altered photograph
  • Tostada, Johnny. USA. Images from South Africa - 1986
    Collage on paper
  • Tregnaghi, Antonio. Italy.  Untitled - 1986
    Undated. Print on cardboard; envelope
  • Van Dijk, Pier. Holland. 1985 My First Sabbatical Year - 1985
    Postcard (3 copies)
  • Vieiva, Antonio. Portugal. No, Niet, Nao
    Undated, photocopy and tempera on paper (triptych);  Untitled, no date, photocopy and marker on paper (diptych); No Segregaytion, no date, photocopy ( 2 versionis); Apar Heid/ Apart Head. No date, photocopy and marker on paper; Good Evening, no date, photocopy and marker on paper; The Blood is Red, no date, photocopy and marker on paper (triptych). Note: additional works by this artist in Box 4)
  • Vitale, Vincent. USA. Colored People on a White Background-Equality for All in South Africa - 1986
    Photocopy, marker, and thread on cardboard.
  • Von Baeyer, Anthony. USA.  Untitled - 1986
    Altered poster for exhibit
  • Way, Lois. USA. Stop Apartheid - 1986
    Collage postcard
  • Weber, Marshal. USA.  Untitled - 1986
    Collage on paper
  • Weeks, E. F. USA. Selma, Alabama, Soweto, South Africa - 1986
    Postcard (20 copies)
  • Wilderjans, Rudi. Belgium. For Approval - 1986
    Collage on paper; Images from South Africa, 1986, collage on paper; Black and White, 1986, ,photocopy. Note: additional works by this artist in Box 4
  • Wiloch, Thomas. USA.  Untitled
    Undated. Print on posterboard.
  • Winnes, Friedrich. East Germany. No Apartheid
    Undated, postcard; I say: Freiheit fur Nelson Mandela!, no date, collage on cardboard; Free Informations from South Africa, 1986, altered postcard for exhibit; 1986 Year of the Buttons, 1986, postcard. Note: additional works by this artist in Box 4.
  • Wright, Stuart J. USA. South Africa Presents . . . for Your Protection - 1986
    Collage on paper (2 versions)
  • Yrizarry, N. G. USA. Power - 1986
    Laminated postcard;  Untitled, 1986, postcard; For Discussion Only, 1986, film negatives attached to paper receipt.
  • Zack, David. Mexico.  Untitled
    Undated. Photocopy collage.
  • Zito, Roberto. Italy.  Untitled
    Undated, collage on paper; note requesting that the envelope in which he sent his work be sent back to him.
  • Box 4:
  • Anonymous. Poster for Prisoners Against Apartheid
    no date; "Partial listing of children detained in South Africa, 1986"; 2 photocopy collages, no date; There Is a Black Problem in Pretoria, no date, tempera on paper; 2 texts-"Race Classification and Separation," and a quote from Andre Brink, Writing in a State of Seige, no date.
  • Anthroart. West Germany. Down with Apartheid!
    no date, photocopy; Stop Killing Our People!, no date, photocopy; Viva Mandela!, no date, photocopy; Viva Anc!, no date, photocopy; Pig Botha Will Fail!, no date, photocopy.
  • Arago, Antonio. Portugal. White Power
    Undated, photocopy.
  • Ashworth, Robert. USA.  Untitled
    Undated, collage on paper.
  • Bell, Ginette. USA.  Untitled - 1985
    Print on paper; Terra Incognita, 1986, print on paper. Note: Additional works by this artist in Box 1.
  • Berault, Tom. USA.  Untitled - 1986
  • Bishop, Betty. USA. A Dog and His Boy - 1986
    Collage on paper; Winnie's House, 1986, collage images from performance on paper.
  • Bloch, Mark. A Part of Me Died
    Undated. Collage on paper*
  • De Rosa, Salvatore. Italy.  Untitled
    Undated. Photocopy and marker on paper;  Untitled, no date, photocopy and marker on paper.
  • Fireworks. USA. Anti-Apartheid printed poster
    Undated; Benjamin Moloise Lives!, no date, printed poster.
  • Grinnell College. USA. Students to End Apartheid - 1988
  • Groh, Klaus. West Germany. Try = Lte! - 1986
    Marker on paper.
  • Hanink, Robert John. USA.  - 1985
    5 envelopes with rubber stamp imprints
  • Hirschman, Jack. USA.  Untitled
    Undated, chalk on black cardboard.
  • Jonge, Ko de. Holland. Apartheid a Dutch Word Sorry - 1986
    Spray paint on paper.
  • Krarup, Steen. Denmark. The Hanged Beheaded - 1984
    Pastel on paper
  • Krist, Martin. Austria.  Untitled
    Undated. Photocopy and construction paper.
  • Ladra, Antonio. Uruguay.  Untitled
    Undated. Collage on paper.
  • Livingston, Rik. USA. O, Say Can You See Political Liberty?
    Undated. Oil on canvas
  • Nash, Mary A. USA. Break All Ties with Apartheid!
    Undated. Printed poster
  • PCD. Australia.  Untitled - 1986
    Collage on cardboard
  • Perkins, Steven. USA. Smash Apartheid
    Undated. Photocopy
  • Polaska, Dorota. Poland.  Untitled
    Undated. Tempera on paper.
  • Rege, Barbara. Italy.  Untitled - 1987
    Collage on paper.
  • Montilla, Manuel. Panama.  Untitled
    Undated, photocopy collage.
  • San Francisco Poster Brigade. USA. Victory to the Freedom Fighters of South Africa
    Undated. Printed poster
  • Strada, Giovanni. Italy.  Untitled - 1986
    Watercolor over text on paper.
  • Summers, C. W. USA.  Untitled - 1986
    Undated. Photocopy, evenlope,
  • Szombathy, Balint. Yugoslavia.  Untitled - 1986
    Collage on paper
  • Taylor, Gragory. Anagrams/Last Resorts
    no date, text on paper.*
  • Tani, Ruben. Uruguay. Whities Are Fascist and Frigid (Because of)
    no date, collage on posterboard.
  • Vieiva, Antonio. Portugal. Nao
    Undated, printed poster. Note: additional works by this artist in Box 3.
  • Wilderjans, Rudi. Belgium. Black and White - 1986
    Collage on paper;  Untitled, 1986, collage on paper. Note: additional works by this artist in Box 3.
  • Winnes, Friedrich. East Germany
    Printed poster for Festival of Political songs, February 17, 1986. Note: additioinal works by this artist in Box 3
  • Newspaper Articles Concerning Apartheid
    Additional articles in Box 1.

This collection is indexed under the following subject terms.

Twentieth Century Avant-Garde Art
Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts (ATCA)