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Guide to the Susan Fulton Welty Papers

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1937-1947
Creator: Welty, Susan Fulton
Extent: 5.00 linear feet.
Collection Number: MSC0723
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Summary: Born in Fairfield, Iowa, Welty took degrees at Parsons College and the University of Utah. A teacher most of her life, this collection contains drafts of numerous stories and articles, most on religious subjects.

Access: This collection is open for research.

Use: Copyright restrictions may apply; please consult Special Collections staff for further information.

Acquisition: These papers were donated by Susan Fulton Welty over the years 1962 to 1995.

Preferred Citation: Susan Fulton Welty Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Address: Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: Greg Prickman

Susan Fulton was born in Fairfield, Iowa, and received a degree in Biology from Parsons College, and then an M.A. in Speech from the Univeristy of Utah. She married Joel Carl Welty, who eventually became Head of the Biology Department at Beloit College. During the years 1946-1947, Mr. Welty worked as a volunteer for a Quaker group in Koblenz, Germany, providing humanitarian aid to the victims of the war. Mrs. Welty had applied to go as well, but the orgranization did not allow couples to go. While Mr. Welty was in Koblenz, Mrs. Welty taught school in Washington state. Mr. Welty wrote long letters home to his wife. These she would later collect, after his death, into a book called The Hunger Year, published in 1993 under Carl Welty's name.
She was at this time no stranger to the publishing world. In the mid nineteen forties, she had published Christmas plays and poems. In 1951, she published a novel for young adults, The Knight's Ransom, based upon a true story from the time of the Crusades. In 1961 she published Look Up and Hope, a biography of Maud Ballingon Booth, one of the founders of Volunteers of America and known as The Little Mother of the Prisons. Booth was a friend of Welty's mother, and when her mother died when Susan Welty was young, Booth took seriously her request to look after Susan.
In 1965, she published a non-ficiton book for young people, Bird With Bracelets, about the banding of birds for research. In 1966, she published a Christmas poem, Meditations on Christmas Eve. In 1968 she published A Fair Field, a history of her hometown of Fairfield, Iowa.
Throughout her career, she published in magazines and journals.

This collection consists mainly of her manuscripts for articles and serialized stories, but there are also early manuscripts for A Knight's Ransom, A Fair Field, and Look Up and Hope, as well as the Christmas pageants.
Box 1 contains manuscripts for "A Fair Field" - Harvested by Charles Jacobs Fulton, [and, others] gleaned by Ben. J. and Lucile Taylor, [and others]; winnowed, threshed and combined by Susan Fulton Welty. Typewritten copy with preface, index, books by author, and title page. Hand written and typewritten additions and corrections throughout.

Also included is a scrapbook devoted to the Booths.
The Hunger Year. Special Collections 95-1442.

Papers of Maud Ballington Booth (MsC0022)

Browse by Series:
Series 1: GENERAL

  • Series 1: GENERAL
  • Box 1:
  • "A Fair Field" Special material, original secretary's book "Farmers' Club, 1881-1900, Parson's College Alumni Directory, 1875-1942
    Also contains "The Homes of Fairfield", by Oscar H. Herring, Palimpset January 1957 - "The Fairfield Daily Ledger and "The Beginning of Jefferson Lodge, No. 4 (original by incomplete copy of Iowa Sentinel, Fairfield, 1855)
  • "A Fair Field", Chapter 1. The Renegades from the "East", reference material
  • "A Fair Field", The Land of Promise, reference material and bibliography
  • "A Fair Field", Ward Larson and the Fairfield Public Library, reference material
  • Who's Who in Fairfield
  • "A Fair Field" type written manuscript
  • "A Fair Field" The Union Forever, reference material and bibliography, including one message by C.J. Fulton
  • "A Fair Field" Time for Church, reference material and bibliography
  • "A Fair Field" From Licken' to 'Larmin[?], reference material including from C.J. Fulton, printed report (with history) of Fairfield Public Schools 1892-1893 and bibliography
  • "A Fair Field" Doctor and Medicine, One Golf-Stick, Tree Balls...
  • "A Fair Field" Men, Machine, and Community Spirit, bibliography, reference, pamphlets, C.J. Fulton circa 1914, "The Industrial Development of Fairfield
  • Miscellaneous articles for reference
  • "A Fair Field" Parsons College, bibliography and reference materials
  • Box 2:
  • "A Fair Field" The Lard and the Dream Eroded, bibliography, references, pamphlets, including C.J. Fulton's "Old Settler's" addresss of August 25, 1925
  • "A Fair Field" Around the Square, biliography and reference material
  • "A Fair Field" Old Settlers and Their Inheritors
  • "A Fair Field" Old Settlers and Their Inheritors, bibliography and reference material (and the early manuscript of "Around the Square")
  • "A Fair Field" Friendly correspondence with reference material after the subject
  • Advertising and News Stories
  • Correspondence with Harlo
    Concerns publishing "A Fair Field"
  • "Fair Field" Index, first two drafts
  • "Old-Timer's" Reminiscences from the Keosauqua Republican about Van Buren County early days - 1925
  • C.J. Fulton Historical Material
  • Fairfield Notes
    Two Composition Notebooks
  • "A Fair Field" Parsons College - Roberts Era - 1955-1968
  • "A Fair Field" Parsons College before 1955
  • The Keosauqua Republican - 1935
  • "Birds with Bracelets" Correspondence and
  • "Birds with Bracelets" Original draft with sources
  • "Birds with Bracelets" Second draft
  • "Birds with Bracelets" Draft accpeted, with corrections by Carl Welty not made until afterward
  • "Birds with Bracelets" Final Draft
  • Announcements, invitations, entertainments, etc. - 1896-1946
  • Correspondence - 1919
  • Correspondence - 1934-1939
  • Correspondence - 1940-1945
  • Correspondence - 1990-1991
  • Greeting Cards - 1905-1941
  • Newspaper Clippings - 1861-1990
  • "Why Are We Here?" - 1934
    An address delivered by Maud Ballington Booth. Published by The Volunteers of America.
  • Film of "Lamb Among Wolves" - 1983
  • Box 3:
  • Photographs
  • Publications and speeches of Dr. Clark - 1891-1937
  • Research notes used by Welty
  • "James Frederick Clark: Medicine Man with Bag of Many Tricks"
    Photocopy of early typescript, together with notes and revisions
  • Notes on printed materials, chiefly books
  • "But for the Grace of God"
  • Mrs. Booth's own writings: magazine articles and lectures
  • Mrs. Booth - Personal letters and clippings
  • Notes on personal interviews with Mrs. Booth - unique material often referred to for Look Up and Hope
  • Maud B. Booth - Letters used for reference in book
  • Maud B. Booth materials
  • "Shadow Cast in Light" - Biography of Maud Ballington Booth
  • Mrs. Booth - Miscellaneous Articles
  • Contrasts: Limpsfield and Limehouse, Chapter 1 from Welty's Look Up and Hope!
    Galley Proof
  • Look Up and Hope - 1894-1948
    Early long version, typescript, 462 pages. Early long version, carbon typescript, footnoted, 462 pages. Text on both sides of the sheets. Printer's copy, 426 pages. Author's galley proofs, with corrections. Folder of corrections, chiefly relating to front and back matter. Author's source material: . a) Handwritten notes from Volunteers Gazette; b) Memorial clippings. c) Miscellaneous printed material. d) Typescript notes, chiefly from newspapers, with a chronological list of references to Mrs. Booth in the New York Times.
  • Correspondence - 1965-1966
  • Maud Ballington Booth
    Note on typescript says, "not Nelson's version, earlier and longer, good copy not footnoted - carbon footnoted".
  • Box 4:
  • Notes: Volunteer's Gazette
    For background on biography of Maud Ballington Booth
  • Memorial clippings for Mrs. Booth
  • Miscellaneous printed background material for Mrs. Booth
  • Periodicals on Maud Ballington Booth (some books also)
  • Abbot Campell Permissions - Correspondence on publication of Booth biography Look Up and Hope
  • Research Oddments: Life of Maud B. Booth
  • Correspondence about Booth manuscript
  • S.F. Welty - Plays and Articles
  • "The Bird Banders." February 6, 13, 20, 27 and March 6 - 1937
    Published in The Target. Copy of the 5 installments with 3 letters from publisher. This serial story also appeared in Boyland (Congregational) and The Pioneer (Presbyterian). Based on the adventures in bird-banding of the author's husband with two Parsons College students, Malcom McDonald and Charles Gilly.
  • Rainbow Gold - 1940
    A one-act play. Published under pseudonym Joel Peters in 100 Non-royalty One-act Plays, compiled by William Kozlenko, 1940 Carbon typescript of text Author's contract. 3 letters.
  • Quarantine - 1940
    A one-act play. Published in 100 Non-royalty One-act Plays, compiled by William Kozlenko. Carbon typescript of text. Author's contract. Related correspondence.
  • Library Open Hours - 1940
    A one-act play. Published in 100 Non-royalty One-act Plays, compiled by William Kozlenko. Carbon typescript of text. Related correspondence.
  • "Meet the people of Pangchuang." June - 1945
    Article. Published in This Month. Carbon typescript of text, with corrections and bibliography. Handwritten notes. Correspondence.
  • "Followers of the Star." September - 1947
    A Christmas pageant. Published in International Journal of Religious Education. Carbon typescript, 12 pages. 2 related letters.
  • "Why is children's day?" May - 1939
    Published in New Century Leader. Carbon typescript. Related letters.
  • "Honey Hunting in Angola." April - 1946
    Published in Nature Magazine. Carbon typescript, 9 pages. 7 related letters.
  • "Voices and Virtues." January - 1940
    Article. Published in The Improvement Era. Typescript, with minor corrections. 4 letters.
  • Behind Locked Doors. March - 1939
    Easter play. Published in International Journal of Religious Education. 2 typescript copies. Note on producing the play. Related correspondence.
  • "Hell Week Boomerang." September 29 - 1940
    Published in Grit, story section, under pseudonym Joel Peters. Corrected typescript, 14 pages. Related correspondence.
  • In Spite of Prison. March - 1939
    Easter Play. Published in The New Century Leader. Carbon typescript, 7 pages. Letter from publisher.
  • "Tiger on a Hill." June-July - 1945
    Published in Nature Magazine. "Ghosted" as if by the author's husband, Joel Carl Welty. Carbon typescript, 10 pages. 7 letters.
  • "She Helps Men to a Fresh Start." May - 1943
    Published in The Christian Science Monitor magazine. Carbon typescript, 7 pages, entitled "She makes the crooked straight." 2 letters.
  • The Light Shines - 1938
    A Christmas Play. Published as a separate by David C. Cook Co. Carbon typescript entitled "The star rises." 5 related letters.
  • Saint Francis Spreads Christmas Joy - 1944
    Play. Published as a separate by Row-Peterson. Carbon typescript. List of the songs, poems and chants. Author's contract. 3 letters.
  • A Candle for the Christmas Guest - 1945, 1946
    Play. Published as a separate by Row-Peterson. Dramatization of Tolstoy's story, "Where Love Is, God Is." Also published in International Journal of Religious Education. 1946. Typescript, where the title "Christmas Flight" is also used, 8 pages. Typescript of "Come, Christmas Guest," a program which provides a setting for the play. 4 related letters.
  • "Island of Hope." June 19 - 1948
    Article. Published in Presbyterian Life. "Ghosted" by Susan Welty in her husband's name. 3 corrected typescript versions: 1. "International center of infectious good will", 15 pages. 2 -- 3. "Work campers help build a college". Typescript and carbon. 10 related letters.
  • "Manuel." February 6 - 1937
    Published in The Target, under pseudonym Joel Peters. Correspondence: 2 letters from publisher and 2 from author's father supplying information about Iowa Civil War regiments. Though imaginary, the story is based on the life of a citizen of Fairfield, Iowa. Appears in the same issue of The Target as the author's "Bird Banding".
  • "Holding and Releasing Speech." August 31 - 1940
    Article. Published in The Ave Maria. Corrected typescript, with a copy of publication.
  • S.F. Welty - Plays and Articles Continued
  • "The man who invented MPH." July - 1957
    Article. Published in Car Life. Carbon typescript entitled "Automotive pioneer: from speed to safety." 13 pages. 8 related letters. Copy of the publication. Copy of the privately-printed biography of A. P. Warner, edited by Susan Welty, entitled Making Things.
  • "Conservation by Common Consent." June - 1947
    Article. Published in American Forests. Corrected carbon typescript, with bibliography, 11 pages. 17 related letters. Copy of publication.
  • "Little Mother of Men Behind Bars." January - 1946
    Article. Published in Magazine Digest. Typescript, with inserts. 1 related letter. Copy of the publication.
  • "How to Write Your Own Christmas Pageant." November - 1937, 1938
    Published in International Journal of Religious Education. Reprinted in Lutheran Herald, December 6. Correspondence, 11 letters. Copy of IJRE publication.
  • "Echoes of the Christmas Song." December - 1939
    A Christmas service. Published in The Woman's Press. 2 typescript copies. Notes on the carols and the sources. 3 letters. Copy of the publication.
  • "Slavery Is Not Dead." March - 1946
    Article. Originally published in This Month, under title "Portugal's slave colony." Reprinted in condensed version in Negro Digest, April 1946. One file is a copy of the Negro Digest article.
  • "Apprentice Game Manager." August 21-Octo+G106:Z106ber 16 - 1937
    Serial story. Published in The Epworth Herald in five installments. One letter. Copy of publication. (A story continuing "The Bird Banders", but based more upon the adventures of a Wisconsin student.)
  • Miscellaneous Publications
    Includes The Reader's Digest from June 1944, Lore from Winter 1965, volume 16, number 1, The Cue: Theta Alpha Phi from January 1934, and Wisconsin Academy Review from Summer-Fall 1964, volume 2, numbers 3 and 4.
  • Knights' Ransom
    Short version ("Follett's version"): Carbon typescript, 223 pages, both sides of sheet used. Some penciled revisions. Another version of chapter one, carbon typescript, 14 pages.
  • Knights' Ransom. Part I: "Twelve Greenland Falcons."
    Long version, (separately-fastened part): typescript. Pages 1-149a.
  • Knights' Ransom. Part II: "On To Iceland."
    Long version, (separately-fastened part): typescript. Pages 150-321. Source material on Greenland , Iceland, falconry, consisting of correspondence, notes, clippings: one large folder. Bibliography of sources: 2 versions: 1. 5 typewritten sheets; 2. 3 sheets with some additional titles. Correspondence: about 50 letters between author and publisher.
  • Correspondence Re: Knights' Ransom.
  • Oversized: Scrapbook of newspaper clippings relating to the Booths

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