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Guide to the Rudolf Steiner Papers

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1861-1925
Extent: 1.50 linear feet.
Collection Number: MSC0324
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections




Preferred Citation: Rudolf Steiner Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Address: Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: Greg Prickman

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  • Box 1:
  • Writings , A - An
  • Adam Kadmo. Lecture given by Steiner at the Goetheanum. September 30 - 1922
  • Anthroposophical Knowledge of Man. Eight lectures given by Steiner in Berlin between October 23 and Jun 17 - 1908-1909
  • Anthroposophical Life-Gifts. Seven lectures given by Steiner in Berlin, Germany. March to May - 1918
  • Writings, As - At
  • The Astral World and Devachan. Three lectures given by Steiner in Berlin. October 19, 21, 26 - 1908
  • At the Gates of Theosophy. Notes on course by Steiner delivered at Stuttgart, Germany. Not revised by the author. August - 1906
  • Atomism and its Refutation
  • Writings, B - E
  • Before the Divine Incarnation
  • The Christ Impulse in the Course of History - 1911
  • Christmas. Berlin. December 23 - 1913
  • The Colors of the Earth as Seen by the Soul After Death. From a lecture given in Berlin. April 1 - 1918
  • The Cosmic New Year. A course of lectures by Steiner given in Stuttgart. December 21 to January 1 - 1919-1920
  • The Descent of the Spirit. Gaining a relationship to the Death Through the Language of the Heart. Lecture by Steiner in London. August 30 - 1922
  • Effects of Karma. Lecture given by Steiner in Munich. December 10 - 1910
  • The Ego-Consciousness of the So-Called Dead. Lecture by Steiner at Leipzig. February 22 - 1916
  • Error and Insanity. Lecture given by Steiner in Berlin. April 28 - 1910
  • Writings, F - I
  • The Festivals and Their Meaning: Ascension and Pentecost. Six lectures given by Steiner - 1908-1924
  • The Future Jupiter and Its Beings. Lecture by Steiner at Dornach, Switzerland. January 3 - 1915
  • Geographic Medicine. Two lectures by Steiner at St. Gallen. November 15, 16 - 1917
  • The Human Being in Relation to Planetary Life. Lecture by Steiner given at Dornach. July 1 - 1922
  • The Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man. Eleven lectures given by Steiner in Berlin. January 6-June 11 - 1908
  • The Inner Realities of Evolution. Course of five lectures given by Steiner in Berlin. October - December - 1911
  • Writings, K - N
  • Knowledge and Initiation; Knowledge of the Christ Through Anthroposophy - 1969
  • The Mystery of the Double. Given at St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • The New Christmas Thought. Lecture by Steiner. December 22 - 1918
  • Newborn Might and Strength Everlasting: A Christmas Offering
  • Writings, O
  • On the Fifth Gospel. Seven lectures by Steiner at Berlin, Germany - 1913, 1914
  • The Origin of Suffering. The Origin of Evil (notes). Two lectures by Steiner in Berlin. November 8 and 22 - 1936
  • Writings, P - S
  • The Pre*Earthly Deeds of Christ or The Christ Impulse in the Essence of Time and Its Sovereignty in Mankind. Lecture by Steiner at Pforzheim, Germany. March 7 - 1914
  • Raphael's Mission in the Light of the Science of the Spirit. Public lecture by Steiner in Stuttgart. May 19 - 1913
  • Rosicrucian Christianity. Notes of two lectures by Steiner given in Neuchatel. September 27, 28 - 1911
  • The Significance of the Mass. Notes of a lecture by Steiner given in Cologne. March 17 - 1905
  • Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism. Three lectures by Steiner given at the Goetheanum. October 20, 22, 23 - 1922
  • Writings, T
  • The Three Fundamental Forces in Education. Lecture delivered by Steiner in Stuttgart. September 16 - 1920
  • Three Stages in the Waking of the Human Soul. Lecture given by Steiner in Prague. April 28 - 1923
  • The Threefold Sun and the Risen Christ. Lecture given by Steiner in London. April 24 - 1922
  • The Threshold of the Spiritual World. August - 1913
  • The Tree of Life and The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Six lectures by Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland. July 24-August 9 - 1915
  • The True Nature of the Second Coming. Two lectures given in Carlsruhe and Stuttgart. January 25 and March 6 - 1910
  • Writings, V - W and co-authored
  • The Vision of Christ's Advent in the Etheric: I) The Event of the Appearance of Christ in the Etheric World, lecture given in Karlsruhe. January 25. II) The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric, lecture given in Stuttgart. March 6 - 1910
  • What Can the Art of Healing Gain Through Spiritual Science? Three lectures by Steiner given in Holland. July - 1924
  • Wisdom Active in Historical Evolution: Christmas Lecture. Given by Steiner at Dornach, Switzerland. December 25 - 1921
  • World History in the Light of Anthroposophy and as a Foundation for Knowledge of the Human Spirit. Eight lectures given by Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland. December 24-31 - 1923
  • The World of Dreams as a Bridge Between the Physical World and the World of Moral Ideas. Lecture by Steiner at Dornach, Switzerland. September 22 - 1923
  • From Jesus to Christ. Ten lectures given by Steiner in Karlsruhe. October 5-14 - 1911
  • Box 2:
  • Adams - Barnes
  • The Mysteries of the Rose-Cross by George Adams - 1955
  • Fruits of Earnest Study of the Lectures of Rudolf Steiner. Lecture given on the Anniversary of Rudolf Steiner's death on March 30 at Stuttgart and at Dornach on occasion of the Easter Festival on April 29 - 1930
  • Armageddon by S. Baldwin
  • Soloviev and the Task of Russia by Christy Barnes
  • Albert Steffen: Retrospect by Henry and Christy Barnes
  • The Apocalypse of St. John by Dr. Emil Bock, Berlin, Germany (2 typewritten copies)
  • The Three Years: The Life of Christ Between Baptism and Ascension by Emil Bock
  • David - Howard
  • Social Formation of the World: The Year 1917 and the Destiny of Central Europe by Kurt Franz David
  • Shamballa or The Great White Lodge by Dr. M. Doreal
  • The Education of the Will by Hildegard Gerbert
  • Parzival, the Michaelic Knight by George Goelzer
  • The Christmas Message of the Gospel of St. Luke in the Changing Knowledge of Destiny by Dr. Frederick Hiebel - 1969
  • The Mystery Background of Celtic Culture and Its Transformation by Agathe Horst. October - 1960
  • Essential Anthroposophy by Alan Howard
  • Peter Pan and the Prodigal Son by Alan Howard
  • Klein -Krause -Zimmer
  • Our Doctor, a narration by Gerhard Klein; translated from the German by Olin Dantzler Wannamaker
  • Nutrition, A Series of Lectures by Dr. Eugen Kolisko, M.D. (Vienna)
  • Meditations on the Endocrine Glands by Dr. Karl Konig (From "The Golden Blade", London - 1952
  • Ox and Ass: The Unlike Pair by Hella Krause-Zimmer. Anthroposophic news sheet. January 9 - 1966
  • Leadbetter - Liebstoeckl
  • WESAK by C.W. Leadbetter, from "The Theosophist", May - 1930
  • Novalis, Fichte, and Sankara by Professor Leta Jane Lewis
  • The Secret Sciences in the Light of Our Time by Hans Liebstoeckl; translated by H.E. Kennedy
  • The Secret Sciences in the Light of Our Time by Hans Liebstoeckl; translated by H.E. Kennedy (copy 2)
  • Mayer - Palmer
  • Mental Alchemy by Francis Mayer
  • Introductory Lecture to a Conference on Education as Mediator between Image and Reality. Janet McGavin, Ursel and Carlo Pietzner - 1968
  • The Virgin Mary Appears in Egypt by Jerome Palmer
  • Pelikan
  • Archetypal Relations Between Plant and Man by Wilhelm Pelikan
  • The Secrets of Metals by Dr. Wilhelm Pelikan
  • Box 3:
  • Pietzner
  • Halfway to Easter. A Lecture by Carlo Pietzner
  • Novalis. A Lecture at Camphill Village, Copake. May 14 - 1972
  • Salt and Man's Changing Earth. A Lecture by Carlo Pietzner
  • Sulphur and the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. A Lecture by Carlo Pietzner
  • Poppelbaum - Schwenk
  • The Etheric Body in Idea and Action by Hermann Poppelbaum
  • Rudolf Steiner's Teaching of the Power of the Christ by Dr. Maria Roschl. Three lectures given during the Youthweek of the Section for Spiritual Striving of Youth at the Goethaenum, Dornach, Switzerland.
  • Meditation in East and West: Zen and Anthroposophy by Johannes W. Schneider
  • Water, Element of the Threshold in Modern Consciousness by Theodor Schwenk
  • Steffen - Stolcius de Stolcenberg
  • Barabbas, Drama in Four Acts by Albert Steffen. Translated by Olin D. Wannamaker
  • Content of Albert Steffen's Address at the Annual General Meeting, March 27 - 1959
  • Diary Notes on Dramaturgies by Albert Steffen; translated by Reginald E. Raab - 1959
  • Growing Younger by Albert Steffen - 1959
  • Hiram and Solomon by Albert Steffen. Dedicated in veneration to Rudolf Steiner. Translated from the German by Olin D. Wannamaker. Dornach, Switzerland - 1925
  • In Memoriam by Albert Steffen. Translated from the German by Olin D. Wannamaker (2 copies)
  • Iron Necessities by Albert Steffen - 1959
  • Motifs by Albert Steffen - 1959
  • Novalis by Albert Steffen. In memory of Rudolf Steiner's last lecture September 28 - 1924
  • On Dionysus, the Areopagite by Albert Steffen - 1934
  • Outlook on the Work for the Year 1959 by Albert Steffen - 1959
  • A Poet and a Painter by Albert Steffen
  • A Portrait of Rudolf Steiner - 1959
  • Self-Recollection While Thinking of the Dead by Albert Steffen - 1959
  • The Sensory-Ethical Effect of the Rainbow by Albert Steffen - 1959
  • Spirit Awakening in Dream and Sleep Experience by Albert Steffen - 1959
  • Towards "Nuclear Painting" by Albert Steffen - 1959
  • The Chemical Pleasure Garden by M. Daniel Stoltzius von Stolcenberg
  • Box 4:
  • Unger - Wannamaker
  • How the Idea of Anthroposophy May Be Realized by Dr. Georg Unger
  • Modern Theories of the Cosmos: Galaxies, Pulsars, Black Holes by Georg Unger
  • Rudolf Steiner: Centuries of Mystical Experience Yield to Knowledge of the Spirit by Olin D. Wannamaker
  • Rudolf Steiner, February 27, 1861 - March 30, 1925: Research Spiritual-Scientist and Teacher by Olin D. Wannamaker
  • Rudolf Steiner: Founder of Anthroposophy. The Mind and Heart Revealed in the Story of His Life. Extracted from Rudolf Steiner's Autobiography by Olin D. Wannamaker
  • Wannamaker (continued)
  • Rudolf Steiner: His Life and Teaching in Outline. An Introduction to Anthroposophy by Olin D. Wannamaker
  • Rudolf Steiner's Lecture Cycle: Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation. A Student's Introduction with Digest and Notes. Compiled by Olin D. Wannamaker
  • Weihs - Witzenmann
  • Being and Meaning by Dr. Thomas J. Weihs
  • Being and Meaning: Ten lectures by Dr. Thomas F. Weihs
  • Meaning as Metamorphosis by Dr. T.J. Weihs. Whitsun Lecture. May 17 - 1970
  • Seeds of Thought. Eight Lectures by Dr. Thomas J. Weihs at Murtle Hall, Scotland. September - June - 1971-1972
  • St. Paul and the Transformation of the Mysteries by H.W. Weissenborn
  • From Consumer to Producer in the Spiritual Sphere by Herbert Witzenmann
  • Box 5:
  • Articles
  • Anthroposcophy summary information on Education
  • Anthroposcophy summary information on Nutrition
  • Anthroposcophy summary information on Agriculture
  • Anthroposcophy summary information on Medicine
  • Good and Evil in Art
  • Modern Art with Hagen Biesantz
  • Anthroposcophy
  • List of books by Rudolf Steiner
  • Report, 21st Session of the Forum of Active Members. May 13 - 1961
  • Anthroposophical Society in America: Future Plans; The Past Year's Work
  • Anthroposcophy and The Christian Churches
  • Articles (continued)
  • Mercury, Journal of the Anthroposophical Therapy and Hygiene Association. Vol. 1, no. 1
  • On Rudolf Steiner's Last Address to the Members by Dr. M. Kirchner-Bockholt. A lecture given on September 28 - 1963
  • The Human Soul in Life and Death by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. A lecture delivered at Berlin on November 26 - 1914
  • How Goethe Gained Full Possession of His Ego by Prof. Dr. Frederick Hiebel. From Anthroposophic News Sheet. December 11 - 1960
  • Our Doctor. A Narration by Gerhard Klein.
  • The Human Life by George O'Neil and Gisela O'Neil
  • Schone Wissenschaft. Selections from works of Marie Steiner, Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Gunther Wachsmuth, Albert Steffen, Johanna Mucke, Gottfried Vogel, Paula Dieterich, Hermann Julich, Christian Morgenstern, Dr. Leiste, G. Eicken, Alexander Strakosch
  • Articles (continued)
  • The Grail Castle in the Brain; Flower Pollen; Before the Divine Incantation; The Etherisation of the Blood; The Occult Significance of Blood; Goetheanism as a Preparation for Esotericism; School of Ancient Wisdom and Ceremonial Rites; The Threefold Sun and the Christ-Experience; Rudolf Steiner on Group Work and Lecturing; For Rudolf Steiner's 100th Birthday
  • A Picture of Earth-Evolution in the Future; East, West and Middle in Relation to the Threefold Social Organism; The Etheric Body as a Reflection of the Universe; the Countenance of the Earth; The Expectant Mood in Life; Reflective Thinking and Creative Thinking; How the Human Etheric Body is Related to the Whole World; Reincarnation Before and After Christ; Mid-Winter Experiences in Ancient Times; Wisdom Active in Historical Evolution

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