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Guide to the Thomas Henry Foster Papers

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1950-1960
Creator: Foster, Thomas Henry (1875-1951)
Extent: 2.00 linear feet.
Collection Number: MSC0257
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Summary: President of John Morrell Company of Ottumwa, Iowa, Foster was a book and bookplate collector, anti-Stratfordian, and writer. Includes mounted and unmounted bookplates, scrapbooks on Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, manuscripts of his book Shakespeare - Man of Mystery, and correspondence.

Access: This collection is open for research.

Use: Copyright restrictions may apply; please consult Special Collections staff for further information.

Acquisition: These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by the estate of Thomas Henry Foster in 1953.

Preferred Citation: Thomas Henry Foster Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Address: Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: Greg Prickman

Thomas Henry Foster was born in Chicago on January 31, 1875. While he was still a child, his family moved to Ottumwa, Iowa, where his father helped establish the Morrell Meat Packing Plant. After going to Parson's College for one year, T. H. as he was known, joined the family business. In 1897, he went to Boston to be assistant manager of the Morrell branch office there. While there, he married Mary Frances Bulger in 1898. After serving the company in New York, in 1901 he returned to Ottumwa to establish the canning department at Morrell, then a new venture. In 1909 he became manager of the Sioux Falls, S.D. plant. He returned to Ottumwa in 1912, and served in a variety of positions, including president of the company from 1921 -- 1944, when he retired. Foster died suddenly at his home on November 14, 1951.

Foster was an avid collector of books and bookplates. The bookplates make up the first series of the collection. He collected many copies of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and also kept scrapbooks on Harriet Beecher Stowe. These scrapbooks make up the second series in this collection. Foster was also a writer and his manuscripts make up series three of this collection. Foster collected many volumes on Shakespeare and believed that Edward de Vere wrote the plays attributed to Shakespeare. His manuscript for Skakespeare, Man of Mystery is a part of this collection. Clippings and other items make up the last series, Miscellaneous.
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Browse by Series:

  • Series 1: BOOKPLATES
  • Box 1:
  • Folder 1
  • Adams, George Burton
  • Adams, Ruth
  • Adams, Walter
  • Adler, Hermine and Ija (Epicurean Library)
    Four copies
  • Aeschlimann, Ery
  • Alderman, Muriel
    Two copies
  • Alexander, Amy B.
    Two copies
  • The American Library Association
  • Anita
  • Anthony, Cornelia
  • Ariel, P.C.
  • Armour, George Allison
  • Armstrong Collin
  • Asmann, Edwin S.
  • Folder 2
  • Baanders, H.A.J.
  • Bailey, Louis Jonathan
    Seven different plates
  • Baker, Edith M.
  • Balbi, Giorgio
  • Barnett, Percy Neville
    Two different plates, three copies
  • Bates, Albert C. and Alice C.
  • Bates, E. A.
  • Battalion 3, F. Hb.R. 46
  • Beecher, (H.A.?)
  • Beers, Amy
  • Belasco, David
  • Bell, Foster Ellen”
  • Belmont, Oliver
  • Folder 3
  • Bernheim, A.C.
  • Bernheim, Julius C. and Emily S.
    Two copies
  • Bigelow, Elizabeth Tallant
  • Bindley, John
  • Birrell, Augustine
    Two different plates
  • Bisbal, Victori
  • Bixby, W.K.
  • Black, Carrie Nelson and Samuel Luccock
  • Bliss, Catherine Anita
  • Bonacossi, Vittoria Alessandro Contini
  • Boreham, E.G.
    Two different plates
  • Bradford, June
  • Brainerd, Helen Elvira
  • Brainerd, Ira Hutchinson
  • Bramanti, B.
  • Bramanti, Donato
  • The Earl of Bread'albane
  • Breghot du Lut, F.
  • Brewer, William A.
  • The British Council
    Two different plates
  • Brown, Clyde Stephen and Lilyan Kendall
  • Brown, Georgette
  • Burchett
  • Burnham, Guy M.
  • Burnham, William Henry and Katharine French
    Two copies
  • Buxton, Alethea Constance Dorothy
  • Byers, Alexander M.
  • Folder 4
  • Cano, Manuel
  • Carnegie, Andrew
  • Carson, Jean Stoddard
  • Carter, Lillian W.
  • Carver, Maretta Vernon
  • Caulfield, Richard
  • Chandler, Gardiner
  • Chase, W. H.
    Four copies
  • Cheever, L.O.
  • Cheney, John Turner
  • Chew, Beverly
  • Church, Sarah Heyliger
  • Cismon, Conte di Val
  • Clapp, John Bouve
  • Clark University
    Two copies
  • Clement, Clara Erskine
  • Clobery, R. Glynn
  • Cole, Robert Williams
  • Columbia University (Barnard College, Annie Nathan Meyer Drama Library)
  • Columbia University (School of Architecture, Ware Memorial Library)
  • Columbia University (Stephen Whitney Phoenix)
  • Coons, Lee M.
    Two copies
  • Coppini, Alberto
  • Corey, George Henry
  • Corrigan, W. Edward
  • Cushing, Harvey
    Name written in pencil
  • Folder 5
  • D'Alloro, Foglie
  • Dana, Charles L.
    Two different plates, but same motive
  • Davis ("Graceland")
  • Davis, Millard
  • De Gruson
  • De Scrilli, Valentino
  • De Togores, Josep
  • De Vazeille, Randanne
  • De Vilhena, Joao Jardim
  • Diamond, Betsy
  • Diamond, Elizabeth
  • Diamond, Elizabeth Watson
  • Diamond, J.E.
  • Diamond, Jack
  • D'Ivori, Joan
  • Doane, Gilbert H.
    Two different plates
  • Donavit
  • Downey, Mary E.
    Two different plates
  • Folder 6
  • Eleanora
  • Elin, Fae
  • Elisabeth
  • Ellwanger, George H.
  • Emerson, George W.
    Four copies
  • Enrichetta
  • Erickson, William Andrew
  • Evans, Clara Therese
    Two different plates
  • Ex Libris Society (ELS)
  • Folder 7
  • Fabbri, Mary and Ernesto
  • Fabregas, Josep[h]
    Two different plates
  • Fearing, Daniel
  • Feldblum, Adolph
  • Fenini, Mansueto
  • Ferrer, Joseph Costa
  • Ferrer i Valls, Sebastia
  • Fitzpatrick, George
  • Flinn, Robert Stanley
  • Follansbee, George Edward
  • Forrester, James
  • Forrester, William
  • Forti, Eugenio
  • Forster, Edward
  • Forster, George (Reverend)
    Two copies
  • Forster, John (Iohn)
    Two copies
  • Forster, R.M.E.
  • Forster, William John
  • Folder 8
  • Foster, ?
  • Foster, A.B.
  • Foster, Allen Evarts
  • Foster, Dwight
  • Foster, Edmund
  • Foster, Ellen Bell
  • Foster, Ingham
    Three copies
  • Foster, James
    Two different plates
  • Foster, John (William, Esquire; Right Honorable)
    Three different plates, one copy
  • Foster, John Frederick
  • Foster, John, Jr.
  • Foster, John Morrell
    Three copies
  • Folder 9
  • Foster, Joseph
    Three different plates, five copies
  • Foster, Mary F.
    Three different plates, six copies
  • Foster, May F.
    Four different plates, ten copies
  • Folder 10
  • Foster, Philip Staveley
  • Foster, Robert H.
    Two copies
  • Foster, Robert Lionel
    Two different plates, three copies
  • Foster, Robert T.
    Two copies
  • Foster, Rober Thompson
    Three different plates, six copies
  • Foster, Roger
  • Foler 11
  • Foster, T. Henry
    Eighteen different plates, fifty copies
  • Folder 12
  • Foster, Thomas
  • Foster, Thomas Campbell
  • Foster, W.H.T
    Two different plates, five copies
  • Foster, Walter K.
  • Foster, William
    Two different plates
  • Foster, William H.
  • Fowler, Alfred
    Two different plates, three copies
  • Fowler, Harry Alfred
    Two different plates, three copies
  • Franco e Mary
  • French, Edwin Davis
  • Furman, Dorothy
  • Box 2:
  • Folder 13
  • Garland, Hamlin
  • Gatvillaro, J.
  • Gentile, Giovanni R.
  • Gerber, John C.
  • Gheri, Edoarda Enrico
  • Giugnola, Gustavo E.
  • Godard, George Seymour
  • Goldsmith, James A.
  • Goelet, Ogden
    Two copies
  • Graebel, Reverend Richard Paul
  • Graham, Wallace Belmont
  • Gray, Arthur Fairfield
    Three different plates
  • The Grolier Club
  • Groves, Charles J.
    Three copies
  • Guicciardini, Paolo
  • Folder 14
  • Hamershlag, Robert I.
  • Harding, Isabel and Lucien
  • Hardy, Thomas
  • Harvard College Library (Gift of Flora V. Livingston)
  • Harvard College Library (Kipling Collection, Gift of Flora V. Livingston
  • Harvard College Library (From the Collection of Books printed by Thomas B. Mosher; Gift of Oliver C. Sheehan)
  • Hayes, Violet
  • Hazelton, Roger
  • Hills, Harriette Elizabeth
  • Hine, William S.
  • Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio (From the Income of the Elizabeth Haven Appleton Fund)
  • Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio (Rufus King; Ex Legato Margaret
  • Rives King)
  • Hoadley, Charles J. and George E.
  • Hofmayer, Stephen P.
  • Holbrook, John S.
  • Holman, Robert
    Two copies
  • Hooley, Ernest Terah
  • Hopkins, Francis (B.?)
    Seven copies
  • Hopkins, Henry
  • Hopson, Ada M.
    Two different plates
  • Hopson, W.F.
    Three different plates
  • Hubbard, Elbert
  • Hutton, Laurence
  • Huxley, Aldous
  • Folder 15
  • Ibanez, Vicente Blasco
  • Indiana State Library
  • Inwright, Norman E.
  • Ireland, Sam
  • Jackman, Wilbur Samuel
  • Jackson, Charles
  • Jackson, Jonathan
  • Jones, Dan Burne
    Four different plates, six copies
  • Kearsley, R.M.
  • Kling, Flora Gardiner
  • Knight, Joseph
  • Kohlman, Rena Tucker
  • Kold, Gunnar
  • Krijgsman, A.
  • Kuiperz, E.J.
  • Folder 16
  • Lahey, Edwin A.
  • Lake Zurich Golf Club
  • Lambke, Audelle M.
    Four copies
  • Lance, Andrew Hasell
  • Landry, Stuart Omer
  • Lauck, Gerold McKee
  • Lawrence, Emily Hoe
  • Lee, Georgia Medora
  • Leek, Marjorie H.
  • Lefferts, Marshall Clifford
  • Leikind, Morris C.
  • Lemperly, Paul
  • Leverhulme, Baron
  • Lewis, George R.
    Three copies
  • The Library of Congress
    Two copies
  • The Library of the White House (A Gift to the Nation from the American Booksellers, 1934)
  • Lloyd, Mary Eleanor
  • Lockwood, Helen Virginia
  • Loebl, Jerrold
    Two copies
  • Lord, Janet Hay
  • Lori, Mario
  • Luigi e Paola
  • Lundman, Alma Tress
  • Folder 17
  • Mackay, Katherine
  • Mabie, Hamilton Wright
  • Malcolm, Herbert Lawrence and Helen Parsons
  • Mantero, Gianni
    Two copies
  • Marcella
  • Maria
  • Marshall, Frank Evans
    Two different plates, seven copies
  • Mary
  • Masonic Library Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Theodore S. Parvin, Founder)
  • Mathews, Hope Knight
  • McClure, Roy Don Aldson
  • McClelland, John M. Jr
  • Folder 18
  • McConnell, John W.
  • McKee, Thomas Jefferson
  • McPeak, Ival
  • Merman, Solange
  • Merrow, Paul Gurley
  • Messenger, Zora Belle
    Two copies
  • Michalon, J. M.
  • Migliorini, Carlo
  • Milligan, Blanche
  • Mitchell, Weir
  • Moceo, Marie e Benny
  • Monsalud? , Joseph
  • Montalto
  • Montgomery, Clare
    Two copies
  • Morrell's
    Five copies
  • Mosenfelder, J. Alroy
  • Mosher, Thomas B.
  • Folder 19
  • Neasham, Ruth W.
  • Neltner, John C.
  • Neuville, Rene
  • New Haven Colony Historical Society
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • Newton, A. Edward
  • Niccoli, Alfredo
  • Northwestern University (The Joseph Schaffner Library)
  • O.B. Nelson Post No.3 American Legion
  • O'Conner, Icey
  • Ohio State University (The Edward Orton Memorial Library of Geology)
  • Oliva, Victor
  • Osborne, Thomas Mott and Agnes Devens
  • Ouwejan, Remmet Jacobus
  • Folder 20
  • Paola
  • Pasquali, Georgi
  • Paxton, William McGregor
  • Pennyman, James Worsley
  • Perring, Colonel Sir John
  • Platt, Isaac Hull
    Two copies
  • Platt, Grege Johannis
  • Pond, Mabel Dickinson
  • Pratt, Joseph H.
  • Prescott, Winward
  • Preston, Howard Willis
  • Prideaux, Colonel William Francis
  • Princeton University Library
    Five copies
  • Purdy, Harold and Gertrude
  • Folder 21
  • The Queens Borough Public Library
    Three different plates
  • Rault, Auguste
  • Remey, Charles Mason
  • Rice, William
  • Roberts, Newton W.
  • Robinson, Bernard B.
  • Rodolfo e Michela
  • Rowfant Club
  • Saar, Josef
  • Saffo
  • Salice, G.
  • Salvadori
  • Sandra
  • Sanford, May
  • San. Giorgio
    Two copies
  • Savage, Lyndall
  • Sclavo (Siena)
  • Scott, James Martin
  • Scripps College (The Ella Strong Denison Library)
  • Sculp, V. Devincenti
  • Sedgwick, Robert
  • Shaffer, Harry G.
  • Shawgay, Sheila Singer
  • Folder 22
  • Sheean, Oliver Clement
    Six different plates, eight copies
  • Sherwin, Henry A.
  • Sigales, Bartomeu
    Four different plates
  • Silvana
  • Folder 23
  • Simmons, Gina and Will
  • Singer, Hanna
  • Skallerup, Harry R.
  • Smith, Harry Bache
  • Smith, Margaret Pollard
  • Social Law Library Boston
  • Society of Colonial Wars (in the State of New York)
  • Spenceley, Major Frederick
  • Starrett, Vincent
    Two different plates
  • State University of New Jersey - College for Women
  • Stauffer, Bob
  • Stearns, C.A.
  • Steckel, Edith A.
    Two different
  • Steckel, W.J. and B.H.
  • Stowe
  • Strange, Michael
  • Strozzino, Lo
  • Summer, Samuel N.
  • Folder 24
  • Taft, Henry W.
  • Tapley, H.F.
    Two copies
  • Tarkington, N.B.
  • Taylor, Chas
    Two copies: one color, one black and white
  • Taylor, Helen M.
  • Terry, Roderick
    Two copies
  • Thomas, Isaac Rand
  • Thompson, James Henry
  • The Thompson Library
  • Tillmann, Frederick
  • Toedteberg, Emma
  • Townsend, Charles Cooper
  • Townsend, J. Barton
  • Treffinger, Elizabeth
  • Folder 25
  • University of Notre Dame Library
  • University of Wisconsin - Library of the College of Agriculture (Stephen M. Babcock Funds)
  • U.S. Naval Air Station Ottumwa, Iowa (Presented by Mrs. T.H. Foster)
  • Van Alen, Mrs. J. Laurens
  • [Vanderbildt]
  • Velda
  • Vila i Pujol, Montserrat
  • Viner, George Heath
    Two copies
  • Volkmar, Fritz
  • Von Cles, Ferdinand
  • Folder 26
  • Wake Forest College (in memory of Hubert Evans)
  • War Service Library
  • Wells, Carolyn
  • The Western Reserve Historical Society (Collection of William P. Palmer)
  • Wickenburg Public Library (Gift by Mr. & Mrs. T. Heny Foster)
    Two copies
  • Wilkens, Charles
  • Wilkerson, Mildred B.
    Two copies
  • Williams, Frederick Wells
  • Winchell, Alverd W., M.D.
  • Winthrop, Henry W.
  • Wolseley, General Viscount of Wolseley County of Stafford and Baron Wolseley of Cairo
  • Wood, Collingwood Lindsay
  • Woodbury, John Page
  • Yale University Library
  • Folder 27
  • A.B.M
  • B.R.
  • C.H.S.
    Two copies
  • E.B.S.
  • S.A.F.
  • Folder 28: Family Crests/Mottos (Without a family name)
  • "Actorum Memores Simul Affectamus Agenda"
  • "In terra pax"
  • "Malo Mori Quam Foedari"
  • "Si Fractus Fortis"
  • "If you've borrowerd this book ..." [rhyme]
  • Folder 29: No Inscriptions
    Eight different plates, nine copies
  • Folder 30: Correspondence and Miscellaneous
  • Letters and papers of T. Henry Foster concerning his bookplate collection
  • Box 3: Three scrapbooks
  • Box 4:
  • Shakespeare - Man of Mystery
  • Will Shakpur - His Work
    Earlier title for Shakespeare - Man of Mystery, first drafts
  • First draft; reading copy
  • Galley proofs
  • Publisher's copy
  • The story of Foster's collecting
    Includes auction catalog, "The Distinguished Library of the Late Thomas Henry Foster," added at a later date
  • Box 4:
  • Miscellaneous

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Writers Archive at Iowa
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