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Guide to the Louis Kehoe Papers

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1930-1960
Creator: Kehoe, Louis (1897-1969)
Extent: .50 linear feet.
Collection Number: MSC0219
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Summary: Lawyer and journalist. Primarily consist of manuscripts of his columns for Washington, Iowa's Evening Journal, along with some material from his political campaigns.

Access: This collection is open for research.

Use: Copyright restrictions may apply; please consult Special Collections staff for further information.

Acquisition: This collection was donated to the University of Iowa Libraries in 1970 by Helen Kehoe.

Preferred Citation: Louis Kehoe Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Address: Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: Greg Prickman

Louis Joseph Kehoe was born in Farley, Iowa, in 1897. He graduated from Immaculate Conception Academy in Charles City, Iowa, and the Hamilton College of Law in Chicago. After practicing law for two years in Illinois, Kehoe moved back to Iowa where he began a new office in Riceland. Five years later, in 1924, he moved his legal practice to Wellman, Iowa, where he would remain for the rest of his life. Beginning in 1937, Kehoe had law offices in both Wellman and Washington. In the 1960s, he became part of the law firm of Livingston, Day, Keyhoe, Meeker, and Bates of Wellman, Iowa.
Kehoe was active in Republican Party politics. In the 1930s he ran for governor and for the U.S. Congress. Louis Kehoe also wrote a regular column for the Washington Evening Journal. He was a member of the Washington County and Iowa Bar Associations, the Washington Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, and the Wellman American Legion Post. Kehoe died in 1969 at the age of seventy-two.

The Louis Kehoe collection is primarily made up of manuscripts and clippings of articles he wrote on a variety of subjects, ranging from Iowa law and politics to legal reform and trials. One scrapbook of newspaper clippings consists mostly of Mr. Kehoe's columns, 1938 -- 1944, and there is a group of 8 articles from the Washington Evening Journal related to Mr. Kehoe's support of an Iowa toll road.

Browse by Series:
Series 1: GENERAL

  • Series 1: GENERAL
  • Box 1:
  • Scrapbook of newspaper clippings - 1938-1944
    On shelf next to Box 1
  • Washington Evening Journal, February 13-August 6 - 1952-1954
  • Various titles
  • America
  • America at the Crossroads
    2 copies
  • American Consistency
  • Are They Sick or Not
  • Are We Talking Too Much -- Too Soon
  • Armistice Day
  • Billions for Defense but Not One Dollar for Political Benefits
  • Building Our Defenses
    2 copies
  • Burlesquing Justice
  • Can It Happen to You
  • Can We Have Industrial Order?
    2 copies
  • Career Men in the Legislature
    2 copies
  • The Cause of the Meat Black Market
  • The Challenge to Christianity
    2 copies
  • Christmas: the 1938 Model
  • Come Down the Nome Stretch
  • Conscription
    2 copies
  • Consolidation Colic
    2 copies
  • D-Day on the Home Front
  • Danger in Reckless Promises
  • The Danger of Excessive Corn Sealing
  • Dangerous Play Mates
  • Democracy vs. Totalitarian Slavery
  • Divorce -- the Remedy
  • Do We Need A Guardian?
  • Dreaming Uncle Sam
  • Drifting America
  • The Enemy from Within
    2 copies
  • Explanation of Proposed Labor Law
  • Fear
    2 copies, one typewritten and one printed article
  • The Fifth Column Challenge
    2 copies
  • Food for Thought
  • Free Speech
  • Gangdom in Europe
  • Germany's Labor Scarcity
  • Germany's One Man Government
  • Government
    2 copies
  • The Governor's Oath
  • Hi Sucker!
  • A Hippie! What Is It?
    2 copies
  • How to Make Germany's Defeat Permanent
    2 copies
  • If Representative Government Survives
  • Immigration and the Future of the United States
  • Independence Day 1776 to 1939
  • Independence Requires Courage
    2 copies
  • Inflation, the Child of the Crackpots
  • Iowa's Shame
    2 copies
  • Is the O.P.A. Really Helpful?
    2 copies
  • Is this Representative Government?
  • It's Now Up To Us
  • The Key to Peace, Our Foreign Policy
    2 copies
  • Killing the Goose That Is Laying the Golden Egg
  • Let's Look Before We Leap
  • A Letter to Our Congress
  • Col. Lindbergh and His Iron Cross
  • Lest We Forget
  • Loose Talking Danger
  • Maybe, We Really Do Need War
  • Merrily We Roll Along. But Where?
  • Mot Made Recession
  • More Political Sight Seeing
  • Mother's Day Reflections
  • My Friends
  • The Myth of Inflation
    2 copies
  • The Neglected Front
    2 copies
  • A New Approach to World Peace The New Deal
    2 copies
  • On Whom Do You Want Controls?
  • Others Experience Should Teach Us
  • Our Crisis
  • Our President and Our Foreign Relations
  • Our Youth in This War's Aftermath
    2 copies
  • Party or Country
  • Peace in Viet Nam, How Not to Get It
  • The People Have Spoken
  • Please Henry Remove Your Mask
  • The Plight of the Democracies
  • Present Needs and Future Plans
    2 copies
  • The Price of Peace
    2 copies
  • Pump Priming Magic
  • Purchase Peace
  • The Purge That Failed
    2 copies
  • Rackets and Relief
    2 copies
  • Riding for a Fall
  • Russian Security or American Freedom, Which Will You Have?
    2 copies
  • Selling America
  • Shades of P.T. Barnum
    2 copies
  • Should the Men Be Retained in Service During the Emergency? And Is There An
  • Emergency?
  • Simplify the Soldier Loan
    2 copies
  • So This Is Peace
  • Socialism and the Farmer
  • Some Things Are Dearer Than Dollars
  • Statesmanship vs. Showmanship
  • The Statistics Shell Game
    2 copies
  • The Strike of the Gimme Guys
    2 copies
  • Support the Scouts, and Serve Your Country
    2 copies
  • Sure Thing -- It is
  • They Will Be Hard to Convince
    2 copies
  • Think Mr. American
  • Threats Delay End of War
  • Trials for the War Criminals
  • Tricking the Old Folks
  • Using Slave Labor May Enslave
  • Us Vigilantes of 1938
  • Vote: While You May!
    2 copies; one typewritten, one printed article
  • The War of the 'Isms
  • War: the Great Eraser
  • War Prisoners Are Expensive
  • Watch Your Step, Mr. Buyer
  • Watch Your Step, Mr. Taxpayer!
  • We Can't Give You Anything but Love, Finland
  • Mr. Welles Pilgrimage for Peace
  • What Do We Mean by Progress?
    2 copies
  • What Do You Mean by Jobs?
  • What Price Egotism?
    2 copies
  • What Will the Answer Be?
    2 copies
  • When Civilization Has a Relapse
  • When the Laboring Man Talks in Private
  • When a Nation Dies
  • When Political Bunions Hurt
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Where Will the Old Man Go?
  • Which Plan Do You Want?
  • Who Is an Isolationist?
    2 copies
  • Who Should Vote?
  • Why Delay the Issue?
  • Why Have a Congress?
    2 copies
  • Why Not Draft These People?
  • Why Not Find Out Just Where We Stand?
    2 copies
  • Why Pick on Mrs. Roosevelt?
  • Why Wait Until We Are Broke?
  • Will You Get in This Game?
  • You Can't Fool the Men in the Fox Holes
    2 copies
  • Miscellaneous materials
  • Two letters to unnamed Congressmen from Mr. Kehoe; one dated April 28, 1944, expressing Mr. Kehoe's view on the power of the Presidency; one undated, expressing Mr. Kehoe's view on war economies
  • Twelve undated copies of Mr. Kehoe's column, As Seen from Where I Sit
  • One printed sheet containing four articles from Mr. Kehoe's column, Common Sense [two copies] Two undated copies of Mr. Kehoe's announcement of his candidacy for Republican nomination as US Representative from Iowa's first district
  • Six untitled, undated pieces by Mr. Kehoe
  • Miscellaneous writings by Mr. Kehoe
  • A bill proposed by Mr. Kehoe providing for control of labor disputes by requiring arbitration rather than work stoppages at the state level
  • Memorandum on Military Training
  • Memoranda on Need for Reform of Criminal Laws and Their Enforcement
    2 copies
  • Obituary, June 3 - 1969
  • Proposed Labor Law -- providing for creation of a Court of Labor Relations by the US Congress
    2 copies
  • Resolution, concerning postponement of effective date of the Rules of Civil Procedure prescribed by the Iowa Supreme Court to a more opportune post-war time
  • Resolution (concerning criticism of present State and National Administrations by Republican delegates to the County Convention, Washington County, Washington, Iowa (July 2) 1938
  • Revision of Our Criminal Law and Procedures
    2 copies
  • Eight clippings from Cedar Rapids Gazette, (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) and other unidentified papers all related to toll road legislation, October 26-May 6 - 1954-1955
  • Twenty-one clippings from various newspapers related to toll road construction, May 9-July 26 - 1952-1956