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Guide to the Henry C. Wallace Papers

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1904-1930
Creator: Wallace, Henry C. (1866-1924)
Extent: 2.25 linear feet.
Collection Number: MSC0179
Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Summary: Second editor of Wallaces' Farmer; appointed U.S. Secretary of Agriculture by Warren Harding (1921-1924). Member of exec. committee of the Roosevelt Memorial Association and of the International Committee of Young Men's Christian Association. Arranged in broad subject categories. The correspondence arranged in chronological order.

Alternate Extent Statement: Photographs: Box 4

Access: This collection is open for research.

Use: Copyright restrictions may apply; please consult Special Collections staff for further information.

Acquisition: These papers were donated to the University of Iowa Libraries in 1959, by Henry A. Wallace. A microfilm edition of these records is available for loan or purchase.

Preferred Citation: Henry C. Wallace Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.

Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections
Address: Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5921
Curator: Greg Prickman

Henry Cantwell Wallace (1866-1924) graduated from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa in 1892. In 1895, he joined the family publishing business. His father, Henry Wallace, was the editor of Wallace's Farmer and Henry C. succeeded him as the editor in 1916. President Warren G. Harding appointed Wallace U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in 1921. As secretary he emphasized the department's role in the adjustment of production to the needs of consumption, promoted farm relief programs, championed conservation, and established the bureau of agricultural economics. He was a member of the executive committee of the Roosevelt Memorial Association and of the International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations. Henry Cantwell Wallace was the father of U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace.

The papers of Henry C. Wallace measure 2.25 linear feet and date from 1904 to 1930. Arranged chronologically within an alphabetical sequence these papers reflect his personal life and career. Subject files range from a diary and articles by Wallace to agriculture issues and Wallace's Farmer. There are nearly three boxes of correspondence which include letters from: John M. Evvard, Herbert Hoover, Donald R. Murphy, Gifford Pinchot, and William Howard Taft.
Agricultural History, Vol. XLI:No. 2 (April 1967). This publication contains two essays dealing with Henry Cantwell Wallace.

Browse by Series:
Series 1: GENERAL
Series 2: 2001 ADDENDUM
Series 3: 2009 ADDENDUM

  • Series 1: GENERAL
  • Box 1:
  • American Farm Bureau Federation brochures - 1919-1920
  • Articles and reports by Henry C. Wallace, undated
  • Corn Belt Meat Producers - 1919
  • Correspondence
  • Folder 1 - 1904-1911
    Including a letter from Nathan E. Kendall
  • Folder 2, January-February - 1912
    Including a letter from John M. Evvard, January-February
  • Folder 3, March-July - 1912
    Including letters from A. Sykes and Albert B. Cummins, March-July
  • Folder 4, August-December - 1912
    Including letters from A. Sykes and John M. Evvard, August-December
  • Folder 5 - 1913-1916
    Including letters from John M. Evvard and Raymond A. Pearson
  • Folder 6 - 1917
    Including letters from: Horace Plunkett, David F. Houston, Gifford Pinchot, Herbert Hoover, Edward Bok, Theodore Roosevelt, E. L. Burke, and Lafayette Young, Jr.
  • Folder 7, January-March - 1918
    Including letters from: Gifford Pinchot, Herbert Hoover, and Theodore Roosevelt, January-March
  • Box 2:
  • Correspondence
  • Folder 1, April-December - 1918
    Including letters from: Gifford Pinchot, William H. Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Herbert Hoover
  • Folder 2, January-August - 1919
    Including letters from: William H. Taft, John M. Evvard, Arthur Capper, J. W. Coverdale, Henry C. Stuart, and W. R. Stubbs
  • Folder 3, September-October - 1919
    Including letters from: Henry C. Stuart, Clarence Pickard, C. W. Pugsley, A. Sykes, and Jesse N. Jones
  • Folder 4, November-December - 1919
    Including letters from: Walter A. Jessup, A. Sykes, Addison M. Parker, Raymond A. Pearson, William H. Taft, C. W. Pugsley, Clarence Pickard, Arthur Capper, William S. Kenyon, and Gifford Pinchot
  • Folder 5, January-March - 1920
    Including letters from A. Sykes, Frederic Larrabee, G. W. Swan, John B. Kendrick, and John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
  • Folder 6, April-May - 1920
    Including letters from Clifford Thorne and A. Sykes
  • Folder 7, June September - 1920
    Including letters from A. Sykes, Donald R. Murphy, Cyrenus Cole, Robert B. Wallace, Dan A. Wallace, J. R. Howard, Herman Hagedorn, and G. W. Swan
  • Box 3:
  • Correspondence
  • Folder 1, October-November - 1920
    Including letters from: Herman Hagedorn, A. Sykes, Donald R. Murphy, Henry C. Taylor, John M. Evvard, C. W. Pugsley, G. F. Warren, Albert B. Cummins, and Dan A. Wallace
  • Folder 2, December - 1920
    Including letters from G. W. Swan, A. Sykes, E. L. Burke, Arthur Capper, Donald R. Murphy, Johnson Brigham, J. W. Coverdale, J. R. Howard, Thomas P. Gore, John Hammill, Frank O. Lowden, Eugene Meyer, Jr., Samuel R. McKelvie, C. W. Pugsley, James W. Wilson, Charles F. Curtiss, Robert B. Wallace, and Edwin T. Meredith
  • Folder 3, January - 1921
    Including letters from: T. W. Tomlinson, James W. Wilson, John B. Kendrick, Gifford Pinchot, A. Sykes, Thomas P. Gore, Samuel R. McKelvie, Donald R. Murphy, James W. Wallace, and C. W. Pugsley
  • Folder 4, February - 1921
    Including letters from: A. Sykes, Elwood Mead, Eugene Meyer, Jr., Clarence Poe, A. P. Carhart, F. V. Rowe, Carleton R. Ball, and Johnson Brigham
  • Folder 5, March-December - 1921
    Including letters from: Donald R. Murphy, Clyde L. Herring, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and Herbert Hoover
  • Folder 6 - 1922-1923
    Including leters from: Dan A. Wallace, Donald R. Murphy, Robert B. Wallace, C. W. Warburton, Gardner Cowles, Lafayette Young, Jr., J. B. Weaver, and Addison M. Parker
  • Folder 7 - 1924-1930
    Including letters from: Dan A. Wallace, Donald R. Murphy, Robert B. Wallace, C. W. Warburton, Gardner Cowles, Lafayette Young, Jr., J. B. Weaver, and Addison M. Parker
  • Folder 8, undated
    Including letters from William H. Taft and Edith Kermit Roosevelt
  • Des Moines Pioneer Club: twenty-sixth annual banquet - 1920
  • Diary - 1922
    Three journal entries, typescript
  • Government promises on WWI farm production and prices - 1917-1918
  • Box 4:
  • Illinois Agricultural Association - 1920-1921
  • Bulletins
  • Kansas State Farm Bureau Bulletin - 1918
  • Kansas Livestock Producers Bulletin - 1920
  • Newspaper Clippings - 1910-1919
  • Newspaper Clippings - 1920-1923
  • Newspaper Clippings - 1924
  • Newspaper Clippings, undated
  • Obituaries and memorials - 1924-1929
  • Photographs
  • Producers Committee Meeting minutes, June 25, - 1919
  • "Report of the Secretary of Agriculture," November 15 - 1923
  • Speeches by Henry C. Wallace - 1910-1922
  • Speeches by Henry C. Wallace, undated
  • "Tour of the President to Alaska" official itinerary - 1923
  • U.S. Grain Growers, Inc. - 1920-1921
  • Wallaces' Farmer - 1913-1920
    By-laws, editorials, advertisements, subscriptions, etc.
  • Young Men's Christian Associations. Home Division of the International Committee - 1921
  • Box 5:
  • Scrapbooks - 1922
  • Scrapbooks - 1923-1924
    Shelved in oversized.
  • Series 2: 2001 ADDENDUM
  • Box 5:
  • Mandeville, Paul. "Henry C. Wallace--Epitomaster of Agriculture." The Egg Reporter, vol. XXX:no. 14 (November 6, 1924), p. 18-24
  • Press release: U. S. Department of Agriculture, Monday, May 16 - 1921
    In regard to the creation of an Alaskan Development Board
  • Statement: "Stabilization of hog prices," October 26 - 1918
    Transmitted by the Food Administration at the request of a conference held October 23-25, [1918?] "between the live stock subcommittee of the Agricultural Advisory Board, including special members of the swine industry and the Food Administration."
  • Series 3: 2009 ADDENDUM
  • Box 5:
  • The Wallace family covenant, February 24 - 1916
    Original draft by H. C. Wallace shortly after the death of Henry Wallace, his father, and written in the presence of the mortal remains of Henry Wallace