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Guide to the Eve Drewelowe papers

Collection Overview

Date Span: 1912-1996
Creator: Drewelowe, Eve (1899-1988)
Extent: 5.50 linear feet.
Collection Number: IWA0135
Repository: Iowa Women's Archives
Summary: Artist who attended the State University of Iowa and in 1924 became the first person to receive a masters degree in Painting and Art History.
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Alternate Extent Statement: Photographs in boxes 1, 11-12, 14-15
10 audiocassettes [AC1328-AC1337]
10 videocassettes [V409-V414]

Access: The papers are open for research.

Use: Copyright has been transferred to the University of Iowa.

Acquisition: The papers (donor no. 260) were donated by Department of Art and Art History at the University of Iowa in 1996.

Preferred Citation: Eve Drewelowe papers, Iowa Women's Archives, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City.

Repository: Iowa Women's Archives
Address: 100 Main Library
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-5068
Curator: Kären Mason

Eve Drewelowe was born Eva Drewlow in New Hampton, Iowa, in 1899. Drewelowe graduated from New Hampton High School in 1919 and attended the State University of Iowa (now the University of Iowa), where she received a BA in Graphic and Plastic Arts in 1923. Drewelowe petitioned the University to establish an MA degree for her course of study. In 1924, she became the first person to receive an MA in art from the University of Iowa, earning the degree in Graphic and Plastic Arts by studying painting with Charles A. Cumming and art history with Charles Weller; she was one of the first people to receive such a degree in the nation.

In 1923, Drewelowe married Jacob Van Ek, a fellow student at the University of Iowa. In 1924, Van Ek became an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and went on to become Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. During the 1920s and 1930s, the Van Eks toured Europe and Asia on grants that allowed Van Ek to study nationalism in emerging nations.

Drewelowe exhibited under the name Eve Drewelowe Van Ek until the early 1950s, when she resumed using her maiden name. She exhibited in nearly a dozen states and was a founding member of the Boulder Arts Guild. Her work was shown at National Association of Women Artists exhibitions, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Denver Art Museum, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Drewelowe reinvented her art throughout her life and her work reflects various styles that emerged in the twentieth century. In 1979, she received the University of Iowa Distinguished Alumni Service Award. In 1981, Drewelowe received a grant from the City of Boulder, Colorado, to reproduce in acrylic paintings of the surrounding landscape she had originally created in watercolor during the 1930s. Eve Drewelowe died in 1988.

The papers of Eve Drewelowe date from 1912 to 1996 and measure 5.5 linear feet. The collection is arranged in fifteen series: Biographical, Correspondence, Exhibits, Manuscripts, Art Career, Travel, Travel Journals and Writings, University and Van Ek, Travel SketchbooksI-IV, Travel Sketchbooks V-VIII , Scrapbooks, Photographs, Artwork Inventory, Miscellaneous and Audiovisual.

Series 1--Biographical series (1912-1990) contains documents on Drewelowe's family, early education and artwork, marriage, and handwritten notes for an autobiography.

Series 2--Correspondence series (1938-1988) contains personal and professional correspondence sent from and received by Drewelowe, and correspondence relating to Drewelowe's art and exhibitions.

Series 3--Exhibits series (1936-1991) contains materials related to solo and group exhibitions, including brochures, catalogs, and invitations.

Series 4--Manuscripts series (1924-1987) contains writings by Drewelowe, including information on Drewelowe's health, correspondence with her doctors at Mayo Clinic, and a handwritten journal devoted to Drewelowe's medical history. This series also contains work related to Drewelowe's MA degree at the University of Iowa, and manuscripts about art and Drewelowe by other writers.

Series 5--Art career series (1938-1989) contains handwritten notes by Drewelowe about her art, memorabilia from the Boulder Arts Guild, the Artists Equity Association, and other art-related groups. This series also contains copies of Drewelowe's artwork reproduced in magazines or brochures.

Series 6--Travel series (1928-1959) includes itineraries, travel brochures and correspondence.

Series 7--Travel Journals and Writings series (1928-1959) includes journals, post cards, and memorabilia from Drewelowe's travels.

Series 8--University and Van Ek series (1944-1988) contains correspondence with the University of Colorado and the University of Iowa, and information about Jacob Van Ek's family and career accomplishments.

Series 9--Travel Sketchbooks I-IV series (1928-1929) consists of four volumes of sketchbooks Drewelowe filled with pen and ink drawings during her travels.

Series 10--Travel Sketchbooks V-VIII series (1928-1935) consists of seven volumes of sketchbooks Drewelowe filled with pen and ink drawings during her travels.

Series 11--Scrapbooks series (1927-1988) consists of two original scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings relating to Drewelowe and her art work.

Series 12--Photographs series (ca. 1910-1988) contains photographs of Drewelowe, family members and travels.

Series 13--Artwork Inventory series (1927-1996) contains documentary information about Drewelowe's artwork, including artwork inventory files from 1995 and reproductions of artwork.

Series 14--Miscellaneous series (1927-1988) contains photocopies of a scrapbook and newspaper clippings, materials for the 1996 exhibit "Eve Drewelowe: A Life in Art" by Monica DeMott, limited edition posters, information about Drewelowe's career, and photographs of the artist and art work.

Series 15--Audiovisual series (1975-ca.1990) contains audiocasette oral interviews and lectures, videocassettes of exhibitions, collection inventory, and documentary programs about Eve Drewelowe. Some videocassettes are in non-standard format; "A Celebration of Eve" master tape and 100 Years of Colorado Art are U-Matic 3M UCA20s, and Grant Wood and Eve Drewelowe, A Common Vision, filmed sets and artwork, are U-Matic 3M MBR20s and U-Matic Sony KCS-20XBR.
Photographs: In Boxes 1, 11, 12, 14, and 15.
Audiovisual: Ten audiocassettes (AC1328-AC1337) shelved in audiocassette collection and ten videocassettes (V409-V414) shelved in videocassette collection.

Browse by Series:
Series 3: EXHIBITS
Series 5: ART CAREER
Series 6: TRAVEL

  • Series 1: BIOGRAPHICAL
  • Box 1:
  • Family history and official documents (folder 1)
  • Family history and official documents (folder 2)
  • Early examples of drawings
  • College coursework
  • Biographical Sketch
  • Notes for autobiography (folder 1)
  • Notes for autobiography (folder 2)
  • Notes for autobiography (folder 3)
  • Resumes
  • Awards
  • Grant: City of Boulder - 1981
  • Who's Who in Art
  • Box 1:
  • Letters penned by Eve
  • Letters from family members
  • Letters from friends, neighbours
  • Box 2:
  • Letters regarding exhibits
  • New York exhibits
  • Administrative: Argent Galleries
  • Artworks
  • Letters from Van Ek to Drewelowe
  • Series 3: EXHIBITS
  • Box 2:
  • Lists of artwork
  • Solo shows: Catalogs and invitations
  • Group shows: Catalogs and invitations
  • Group shows: Catalogs
  • Group shows: Catalogs: National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors - 1939-1949
  • Group shows: Photocopy of catalog "Independent Spirits: Women Painters of the American West, 1890-1945", Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Los Angeles - 1996
  • Poster: "Significant Colorado Women Artists" - 1989
    [shelved in map case]
  • Series 4: MANUSCRIPTS
  • Box 3:
  • Drewelowe's health
  • Journals: Volumes II-III
  • Transcriptions of journals volumes II-III
  • Writings on Russia by Drewelowe
  • "A Study of Women's Dress during Greek Classical Period"
  • Transcripts of autobiography drafts
  • M.A. thesis - 1924
  • "Realistic Representation"
  • "Sketching Trip Around The World"
  • Cubism paper
  • Drawing manuscripts by Charles A. Cumming
  • "Linguistic Sexism, Politics, and Proper English," by Elizabeth Moen
  • Transcript of oral history on Drewelowe
  • Box 4:
  • "Eve Drewelowe: The Transition of a Social Realist to an Abstract Painter" - 1989
  • Information and photographs of 629 13th Street residence [Boulder, CO] - 1978
  • Biographical diary by Dr. Carnes
  • Series 5: ART CAREER
  • Box 4:
  • Notes about Art
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Articles about Drewelowe's career
  • Organizations and Associations
  • Boulder Artists Guild (folder 1)
  • Boulder Artists Guild (folder 2)
  • Artists Equity Association
  • Reproductions of Drewelowe's artwork
  • Series 6: TRAVEL
  • Box 4:
  • Sketch pads
  • Box 5:
  • Travel brochures (folder 1)
  • Travel brochures (folder 2)
  • Travel correspondence (folder 1)
  • Travel correspondence (folder 3)
  • Journals and notes
  • Transcripts of journal entries (folder 1)
  • Transcripts of journal entries (folder 2)
  • Travel writings
  • Various postcards
  • Box 5:
  • Travel Itineraries - 1928
  • Sub-Series: State University of Iowa (University of Iowa)
  • Box 6:
  • Correspondence and papers concerning gift of Drewelowe's paintings - 1944
  • Correspondence and papers
  • Sub-Series: University of Colorado
  • Box 6:
  • Correspondence
  • Sub-Series: Jacob Van Ek
  • Box 6:
  • General
  • Publications and Ph.D. thesis
  • Honorary Degree from the University of Colorado - 1965
  • Box 7:
  • Volume I, books 1-2, Japan, Korea, China
  • Volume II, books 3-4, China, the Philipines
  • Volume III, books 5-6, Dutch East Indies, Java, Bali
  • Volume IV, books 7-9, Dutch East Indies, Sumatra, Malay Penninsula, Singapore, Johore, Penang, Burma
  • Box 8:
  • Volume V, book 10, India
  • Volume VI, book 11-12, Ceylon, Egypt
  • Volume VII, book 13, Greece
  • Volume VIII, book 14, Russia [incomplete drawings]
  • Series 11: SCRAPBOOKS
  • Box 9:
  • Scrapbook I - 1927-1959
  • Box 10:
  • Scrapbook II - 1950-1966
  • Series 12: PHOTOGRAPHS
  • Box 11:
  • Photograph album: Family - 1910-1930
  • Photograph album: Travel - 1928-1929
  • Photographs [found loose in album]
  • Box 12:
  • Photograph album: Family - 1980-1988
  • Glass plate photograph: Eve Drewelowe - 1920
  • Glass plate photograph: Jacob Van Ek - 1920
  • Box 12:
  • University of Iowa School of Art and Art History (folder 1) - 1995
  • University of Iowa School of Art and Art History (folder 2) - 1995
  • University of Iowa School of Art and Art History (folder 3) - 1995
  • University of Iowa School of Art and Art History (folder 4) - 1995
  • Notecards with reproductions of Drewelowe's paintings
  • Series 14: MISCELLANEOUS
  • Box 13:
  • Photocopy of scrapbook III - 1966-1990
    [original held by UI School of Art and Art History]
  • Photocopies of loose items found in scrapbooks
  • Exhibit by Monica DeMott, "Eve Drewelowe: A Life in Art" - 1996
  • Limited edition posters of woodblock prints, undated
  • Box 14:
  • "Faces and Places in the News" records, Argent Galleries, NY - 1941
  • Artworks ownership forms - 1987-1991
  • Biographical information - 1946-1991
  • Photocopies of travel scrabooks, volumes I-VII
  • Other owned artworks not in University of Iowa collection
  • New York exhibition "Faces and Places in the News" [Photocopies of artwork] - 1941
  • Additional pen and ink or pencil drawings, photocopies of Artwork in UI collection
  • Box 15:
  • Black and white photographs of Drewelowe
  • Color photographs and slides of Drewelowe, exhibitions, and miscellaneous (folder 1) - 1979-1989
  • Color photographs of Drewelowe, exhibitions, and miscellaneous (folder 2) - 1979-1989
  • Series 15: AUDIOVISUAL
  • Sub-Series:
  • Box 15:
  • Audiocassettes
  • AC1328: "Eve Drewelowe slide presentation on her travel drawings, 1929-1930" [Boulder, Colorado] - 1987
  • AC1329: "Grant Wood and Eve Drewelowe, A Common Vision" soundtrack [University of Iowa] - 1990
  • AC1330: "A Celebration of Eve" memorial service soundtrack [Boulder, Colorado] - 1989
  • AC1331: "A Celebration of Eve" memorial service soundtrack [Boulder, Colorado] (copy 2) - 1989
  • AC1332: "Interview with Eve Drewelowe" by Dr. Jan Carnes [Boulder, Colorado] - 1978
  • AC1333: "Interview with Eve Drewelowe" by Dr. Jan Carnes [Boulder, Colorado] [part 2] - 1978
  • AC1334: Earl Hauck lecture: Care, conservation, documentation and insurance of art
  • AC1335: Earl Hauck lecture: "Historical Artist Eve Drewelowe at boulder Center for the Visual Arts", [Boulder, Colorado] - 1987
  • AC1336: Eve Drewelowe oral interview: Oral History Project of the Carnegie Branch Library [Boulder, Colorado] - 1988
  • AC1337: Eve Drewelowe oral interview - 1975
  • Sub-Series: Videocassettes
  • Box 15:
  • V409: "A Celebration of Eve": Memorial service for Eve Drewelowe [Boulder, Colorado] - 1989
  • V410: "Grant Wood and Eve Drewelowe, A Common Vision" [University of Iowa] - 1990
  • V411: "Significant Colorado Women Artists" at Arvada Center for the Arts [Arvada, Colorado] - 1989
  • V412: Condition report: Eve Drewelowe collection, part 1 [Boulder, Colorado] - 1990
  • V413: Condition report: Eve Drewelowe collection, part 2 [Boulder, Colorado]
  • V414: "Senior Showcase" featuring Eve Drewelowe - 1989
  • Sub-Series: Non-standard format
  • Box 15:
  • "A Celebration of Eve" memorial service [Boulder, Colorado] - 1989
  • "100 Years of Colorado Art" [Denver, Colorado] - 1988
  • "Grant Wood and Eve Drewelowe, A Common Vision" [University of Iowa] - 1990
  • "Grant Wood and Eve Drewelowe, A Common Vision" [University of Iowa] - 1990